10 Things You Didn’t Know Were in Your Favorite Protein Bar

Do You Love Protein Bars?

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If you are like me then you love protein bars! They taste great, keep you going and are so easy to grab on the run. Great for on the way home from the gym. But do you wish they were:

  • Cheaper.
  • Healthier.
  • Had ingredients you could understand.
  • Had less added sugars.
  • Had no artificial sweetners.

Do you really know whats in your store bought protein bars?

Have you checked lately whats in them?

Do any of the bars you have tried leave you with stomach pain, bloating or a headache? 

In a previous life I bought lots of store bought protein bars. But even though I thought they were good for me. They were not feeling great inside me. I would get headaches after eating some of the bars and didn’t know why.

Did you know that your store bought protein bar could actually be destroying your health?

So I started researching. You need to know what I found out! Some of the added ingredients can be really bad for your heath. They can also effect your weight loss or muscle building goals. Have you ever looked into the potential health effects of aspartame, acesulfame potassium, malitol syrup, sorbitol or high fructose corn syrup?? Here are just a few:

  • weight gain.
  • depression.
  • insomnia.
  • headaches.
  • nausea, bloating, gas and diarrea.
  • panick attacks and anxiety.
  • heart pulputations.
  • vision problems!!!

I was finding that more and more people were asking me about the ingredients in their protein bars. So I put together a comprehensive report of 10 Things You Didn’t Know Were in Your Favorite Protein Bar. It’s a list of common ingredients, what they are and any potential health effects. Want to learn about these 10 Ingredients so you can make an informed choice?

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