The Only 4 Ingredient Protein Bar Recipe

protein bar recipe

This must be my easiest protein bar recipe! I mean all of my protein bars are easy to make! Honestly. But this is the one I make when I realise I’m out of protein bars and am about to go out for another epic mountain bike ride. All you need is a protein powder and almost any will do. The proportions in this recipe are based on a whey protein powder but you can also use any of the vegan protein powders as well. I have also made these with a pea, cranberry and brown rice protein blend and they turned out great! You just also need a nut butter, rolled oats and some sort of dried fruit. Thats All!

As your making them if they are a little dry just add a little water or almond milk. But make sure its only a really small drop at a time as they get sticky fast. Or if they are a little too sticky just add a little more protein powder till you get it just the right consistency for the perfect protein bar 🙂

The Easy-to-Make Protein Bar Recipe


  • 90g whey protein powder
  • 60g rolled oats
  • 70g nut butter (any will do, for this bar I used peanut butter)
  • 20g dried fruit (this time I used cranberries, mix it up with different fruit each time)


protein bar recipe            protein bar recipe            protein bar recipe

This bar almost doesn’t need a directions section. Just add all the ingredients together into a large mixing bowl with 1/8 cup of water. You can also use almond, coconut or cows milk instead of water if you want to make the bar a little creamier. Water works just fine though.

Portion the mixture and shape into bars. This mix will make around six bars.

And your done 🙂

Dip in chocolate or decorate like I did with these bars. I just melted some dark chocolate and used a ziplock bag to add a little chocolate to the bar!

protein bar recipe

protein bar recipe

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