Beginner Recipes – Easy Snacks to Make at Home

easy snacks to make
easy snacks to make
easy snacks to make

These are some super yummy but easy snacks to make at home.

Three of my easiest recipes to get you started making your own protein bars, energy bars and energy chews at home. Once you get started you will never go back. No more store bought bars!

So why make your own?

Firstly, because they are delicious!

Homemade always tastes so awesome especially when compared to your usual store bought variety. You can also change flavors and add your favorite ingredients to custom design them exactly how you like them. Once you start making your own and get the basics mastered, you will get the idea of roughly how much of each type of ingredient is needed. Then the world of energy snack design is opened up to you.

easy snacks to make

You can make them gluten free, vegan friendly and supercharged with superfoods. Like goji and chia. Or design a snack with the exact percentages of protein, carbohydrates, sugar and fat to fit your dietary requirements.

easy snacks to make

And with all natural real ingredients you can be sure you’re not consuming dangerous chemicals or excess sugars which can be found in some store bought varieties. On top of all that… you will save a ton of money! These kind of things are sooo expensive to buy in the store. They just cost too much and have too many ingredients that I can’t pronounce. I like to know exactly what I’m putting in my body. And these are actually super fun to make. You can also make these with your kids. Use different shaped ice trays to make the chews into a healthy gummy bear 🙂

Making your own homemade energy snacks means you have a better tasting snack, with healthier ingredients for a fraction of the cost!

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