Benefits Of Meal Planning

I used to have a lot of resistance to meal planning and actually planning too much in general. Regardless of the benefits of meal planning. I wanted to be free, unplanned, go with the flow.

But generally I instead felt out of control, overwhelmed and always rushing. Always behind.

Can you relate?

Do you get home and realize you have nothing planned for dinner and then either grab some take out or have to go to the grocery store and then you are so hungry by the time you actually make dinner that you either eat too much or snack so much before you eat dinner your not even hungry any more?

How much time have you wasted doing this?

How much brain power have you wasted thinking about what to have for dinner?

Well for me one day a good friend of mine taught me that discipline and planning actually creates more freedom and my planning and calendar obsession was born!

In all seriousness though many of my clients have resistance to meal planning feeling like it will take too much time and they have no idea what to choose to eat for the week. But it doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming, in fact I guarantee that spending 1 hour really planning out your meals for the week and getting your shopping list ready will save you soo much time during the week.

Learning The Benefits of Meal Planning

benefits of meal planning

So what I like to do is to jump on a call and do meal planning together with my clients. We make it fun and everyone realizes the benefits of meal planning as well as that it doesn’t really take that long and saves soo much time and brain power later in the week.

So that’s what I would love to do with you!

Want to meal plan live on a call with me? Get organized for the week? Get some new ideas to try?

Click HERE to register we have lots of times available or you can also watch the recording and do yours along with that.

Want to Save Money On Groceries?

Meal planning also is amazing for reducing food waste and saving money. Ever gone to the grocery store having no idea what your actually cooking for the week. So you grab a bunch of veggies, because they are good for you right? But have no idea what you are going to do with them and by the end of the week they are looking less than appetizing in the bottom of your fridge? Ever happened to you?

Without all this wasted food you can honestly slash your grocery store bill or buy higher quality produce for the same price! Winning!

So besides saving you time and money why do I get all my clients to start meal planning each week?

When you want to build or maintain health habits setting your environment up for success is super important. You don’t want to rely on will power all the time you want to make it easier for yourself to eat healthy food than eat processed foods and so planning out what you are going to have for the week and having all that food ready and on hand makes it much easier to stick to your health eating goals for the week.

Get your family involved in the process so everyone knows what they are having. Get the complaining or discussions about what to have over and done with all on one day rather than hearing about it or trying to negotiate what to have for dinner tonight every day. It’s amazing how much stress can be caused each day by the decision of what to have for dinner. You already have enough decisions to make. Take the dinner one out of the equation by planning up front!

So  what are some of my favorite meal planning tips to help you get started?

benefits of meal planning

1. Start with a grocery budget. Determine how much you have to spend on groceries for the week or month.

2. Plan out your calendar by adding in all the meals you will be eating out or on the go first and then working out what you are going to have each night. Leave one free where you are happy to have eggs for dinner or leftovers to add some flexibility into your calendar for if things change.

3. Pull all your recipe or meal ideas together! We have a huge library of clean recipes in our Clean Living Club that I grab from each week to try something new. See if you can incorporate at least one new meal per week so you can keep mixing it up and wont get bored.

4. Put the meal plan for the week on the fridge or somewhere everyone can see it! Click HERE to download our template and register for the meal planning workshop.

5. Set aside some time each week to prep and batch cook your grains and chop up veggies. This will save you even more time but even the meal planning itself will be transformational. I love to have a big batch of quinoa in the fridge already cooked and also I love roasted veggies in my salads and so I roast a big batch of those to use throughout the week.

6. Browse through your grocery store catalogues to see what’s on special for the upcoming week and plan your meals around these (as long as they are fresh and healthy ingredients).

7. Put leftovers straight into the freezer. That could be another meal for next week or it’s ready for those nights where plans change and you need something you can grab quickly.

8. Track your eating throughout the week. How did the meal plan turn out? How did you feel eating that type of food each day? This awareness is key to figuring out what foods work best for you and which foods you might want to switch up next week.

So let me know in the comments below are you already a keen meal planner or a first timer?

Either way it’s super fun to jump on a call all together and get it done there and then.

I’ll be there to run you through my tips and how to use the template we will send you and then there will be time to actually get your plan for the week finished! I can answer questions as well and help with ideas. So bring your favorite recipes along and lets get meal planning!

Click HERE to register for join us for the FREE Meal Planning Workshop and to download your free meal planning workbook and weekly tracker.

To your health,


P.S. Don’t forget to click HERE to download the free meal planning workbook  so you can get started and set up for success!


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  1. I like your advice to put a meal plan on the fridge where everyone can see. This seems like a great idea because it means that you could allow everyone to know what is coming. It would also be good to put a nutrition plan next to it so everybody in the family could know what the goal was with that.

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