7 Superfoods For Boosting Brainpower

Have you ever experienced brain fog?
Feel like you can’t focus as well as maybe you would like to or can’t concentrate?

If you answered yes then you are not alone! So many of the clients I work with suffer with brain fog and to be honest don’t even realise they have brain fog. They have become so used to feeling average that they have forgotten how awesome they could actually feel. How clear and focused their mind could actually be.

So I wanted to share with you some superfoods that you could try to help improve your brain power and reduce brain fog.

Before we get to superfoods…….

Before you start incorporating some of these amazing superfoods to boost brainpower there is a vital first step. There maybe some foods in your house that you are consuming that may be directly causing your brain fog. Removing these is so much more powerful than any of the superfoods mentioned below so check your cupboards and fridge. Are you eating any of these on a regular basis? (More than 20% of the time).

  • Processed sugar, or any refined carbohydrates like white bread and pasta
  • Trans fats – this means any fast food and a lot of processed foods
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oils – on labels as vegetable oil, sunflower oil or soybean oil; and
  • Highly processed foods.

If you are used to eating high quantities of these foods and are not sure what to replace them with or what to do let me know in the comments below or send me an email at karen(at)realenergyfood.com

 7 Brain Boosting  Superfoods

1.  Maca

I’m a big fan of Maca powder as it’s great for energy, balancing hormones and boosting brain power. It can also help to reduce symptoms of stress which we all need! HERE I share some of my favorite ways to use it and some of its benefits. 

2.  Spirulina

Spirulina, often purchased in powder form, is a type of blue green algae and is full of not only vitamins & antioxidants but also protein. In fact beef is 22% protein, lentils are 26% protein and spirulina is a whopping 65% protein! It has been shown to help support a health microbiome bacterial balance (see how important this is in No. 4 Fermented Foods). Having a healthy gut is really important for energy levels.

Spirulina is also a great detoxifier and immune system booster! You only need to start with a really small amount so try adding it to your smoothie in the morning. Add spirulina sparingly as it has a strong taste which can quickly change the taste of your smoothie.

3.  Raw Cacao

Cacao is known for its awesome anti-inflammatory properties and can really help to improve your cognitive performance. Its super high in antioxidants and you can incorporate raw cacao powder into a smoothie or into a healthy raw dessert! If you’re reaching for chocolate to get your energy boost, try and go for a cacao content of at least 70% to really get the benefits.

These dark chocolate bars can take a bit to get used to. However after switching to dark chocolate most people find they cant then go back. Cacao is an awesome energy booster, so instead of reaching for another coffee try giving your brain a chocolate boost!

4.  Fermented Foods

The health of your microbiome can have a massive effect on all aspects of your health including energy levels and brain power.

Fermented foods are full of probiotics or good bacteria.  They are foods that have been through a process of lactofermentation in which the natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in the food.  This then creates beneficial probiotics, enzymes and vitamins and cuts the sugar content of the food!
Traditionally these foods, such as kefir, miso, tempeh, sauerkraut and pickled vegetables, were used for their health benefits as they were also long lasting and able to be easily stored. Ancient roman and Asian cultures ate fermented foods as did people in ancient India, Bulgaria and other eastern European cultures. However in our fast paced western lifestyle fermented foods have largely been forgotten or replaced with supermarket versions of the originals with high sugars, vinegars or preservatives and little of the original benefits of a homemade fermented food.

However fermented foods are making a comeback and are actually super easy to make at home.

There are a range of fermented foods you can try.
  • Organic Tempeh – made from naturally fermented soybeans and is also a great source of vegetarian protein.
  • Miso – a fermented paste made from barley, rice or soybeans miso soup is a great way to try some fermented food. However, miso is also high in sodium so keep this in mind.
  • Sauerkraut – one of my favorite fermented foods, sauerkraut is super easy to make from simply cabbage and salt. Adds a good dose of fiber as well as probiotics.
  • Pickles – pickles are also super tasty and easy to make yourself. If your buying prepackaged pickles just make sure you choose ones from the refrigerator section that are not pickled in vinegar. These ones don’t have the same health benefits and often have other additives included. Check your ingredients.
  • Other pickled vegetables – You can pickle most vegetables but some of my favorites to try include carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, beets, peppers and green beans.
  • Kefir – Kefir can be made from milk (cow’s milk, goats milk or coconut milk or water), sugar water, fruit juice or coconut water for a fermented drink.
  • Kimchi – Sometimes referred to as sauerkrauts Korean cousin this is another fermented cabbage only spicy!
  • Nato – made from fermented soybeans nato is also high in probiotics and protein.

5.  Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a staple in our house and I add them to overnight oats, salads and make chia puddings as a quick and easy breakfast option. The are amazing for energy and great for you brain. They are also high in Vitamin C and absorb about 10 times their weight in water, keeping you full for longer. Here is one of my chia pudding recipes and some more information on Chis.

6.  Vanilla

Vanilla is such a great superfood, but I’m not talking about vanilla ice cream! Vanilla reduces inflammation, improves brain function and makes smoothies, hot drinks or desserts taste awesome!

Vanilla contains chemicals called vanilloids that are known to improve mental performance! It can also help digestion and relieve stress, both of which have the potential to sap energy levels.

The smell of vanilla can be beneficial as well as it is actually also an aromatic stimulant that can work to help calm you and reduce anxiety. Everyone likes the smell of vanilla right? Give it a go.

7.    Moringa Oleifera

The leaves of the moringa oleifera plant are packed with nutrients including protein, vitamins B6, A & C, Iron and magnesium. It is said to have heaps of healing properties and has been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries. A cup of moringa tea can help increase energy, balance blood sugar levels and improve memory and focus. You can also buy it however as a powder to use in smoothies or in capsule form.

Give Moringa a try as an immune boosting tea in the morning instead of your usual coffee to give you an energy boost without the caffeine. It has also been known to help boost the immune system, reduce anxiety & depression, stabilise blood sugar and help improve learning, memory & reaction time!! This is definitely something you may want to give a try!

Special Mention………

Even mild dehydration can start to affect you mood, your energy levels and can start to make your body think that’s its hungry or cause cravings. Make sure you are drinking enough water to keep your brain power at it’s best. Buy yourself a new fancy drink bottle and keep it on your desk to make sure you are drinking enough!

To your health


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