Do You Always Eat Clean When Travelling?

Do You Always Eat Clean When Travelling?


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“Hi everyone. Karen here from and I am on the beach in Bali. Check out the amazing sunset behind me. It was so gorgeous, I wanted to share it with you and shoot this quick video, which also I wanted to answer, I wanted to kind of talk a little bit about a question I get all the time while travelling. And I actually got this question again on my Instagram page today. Come across on Instagram and follow me @RealEnergyFood.

Anyway, so the question is around, “How do I stick to eating clean while travelling?” So, how do I keep eating clean while I’m on the move all the time? We’ve been in Thailand. We went to Vietnam. Now, we’re in Bali. We’re off to Perth. You know, how do I stay eating clean? And you know what, the short answer is I don’t all the time. I try where I can to Google organic restaurants or where I can, I love to cook so I cooked for ourselves sometimes in Thailand. We made smoothies. I was able to find, talk to local people about restaurants that use really fresh, great ingredients.

And so I try to do what I can, where I can and I let go of the other times because while you’re travelling you really can’t control what you can get all the time. But I do try and choose vegetarian options where I can because typically they are a little bit less fried, they are a little bit less processed.

Check out this omelette in Chiang Mai Thailand 🙂 Soo many veggies!


I also really try to plan out my day. So if I know I’m going out for dinner with some friends maybe it’s gonna be harder to find a really good food choice then I try to take it easy throughout the rest of the day. So maybe I start with a smoothie and then I have a salad for lunch and then I just go out and you know enjoy my meal for dinner.

Or a smoothie bowl like this one!

Or maybe I’ve got a buffet breakfast at the hotel so then I try to, I might enjoy that breakfast and then I have a really healthy lunch and dinner, maybe I have a vegetarian stir-fry for lunch, maybe a salad for dinner with some fish. I just try to even out my day. And that way you are filling out your bodies too with some really good options when you can. I try to make sure I grab a green juice or a wheat grass shot whenever I can on the road, just trying to add all those good things in.

So anyway, I just want to film a really quick video to answer that question. If you’ve got any other tips that you really like to use while you’re travelling let me know below this video. I also talk about staying healthy while travelling in this article and have some great road trip snacks here.


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