How To Get More Energy – My Top Tips

How To Get More Energy - My Top Tips

I feel like low energy levels are becoming the norm.

How often do you say I feel tired in a day or hear someone else say how exhausted he or she is? Life is so busy these days are we then too tired to enjoy the days off?

I love to work with people to help them restore energy levels as feeling more energized can be such an amazing catalyst to being more productive and therefore having more fun time, feel happier and less moody, losing weight and feeling more confident and that is just the beginning.

So what are some of my top tips on how to get more energy, no matter how much time you have!

how to get more energy

1. Reduce or eliminate caffeine

Sounds strange, but one of the ways how to get more energy is to reduce or eliminate caffeine. Although caffeine does work to boost your energy in the short term, the up and downs of coffee can definitely take their toll on your energy levels. Try to opt for lemon in hot water or a green tea to start to reduce the amount of coffee your drinking.

2. Drink water

Dehydration can make you feel tired & hungry so making sure you drink enough water every day is soo important. You want to be drinking at least half you body weight in ounces of water. So if you weight 100 pounds you want to be drinking 50 ounces of water. Drinking enough water especially before sitting down to a meal can also help you lose weight and make you feel satiated faster.

how to get more energy

3. Eat dark leafy green vegetables & healthy fats

Green is associated with spring, the time of renewal, refreshing, and vital energy. Greens are full of vitamins and nutrients and great for improving circulation, lifting the spirit, purifying the blood, and strengthening the immune system. Broccoli, collards, bok choy, kale, mustard greens, arugula, and dandelion greens are some of the many greens to choose from. Healthy fats are essential for energy. Cell membranes are essentially made from fat & they need healthy fats to function properly. They can help you feel more rested after you sleep and boost energy levels.

4. Get physical activity

This is such a huge energy booster, even if you can just walk around for 5 minutes exercise can boost your energy levels. A great workout to do when your short on time is the 7 minute workout. It’s a great high intensity workout that just takes 7 minutes for awesome results. Everyone can fit that in!

5. Get rid of relationships that drain you

People can drain you of your energy. It doesn’t mean that they are bad, but it is good to notice who drains you and why. See if you can transform those relationships by communicating and setting boundaries or end the relationship.

how to get more energy
6. Swap out your sweeteners

Eating or drinking sugar and chemical artificial sweeteners can wreak havoc on your energy levels so if you are craving something sweet, try to use more gentle sweeteners like maple syrup, brown rice syrup, agave nectar, or stevia.

Or try adding some sweet vegetables to your diet such as yams, carrots, and beets.

7. Get more sleep, rest and relaxation

When you are tired or stressed, your body will crave energy. These cravings are often a result of being sleep-deprived, going to bed late, and waking up early for months and years on end. Try and prioritize getting enough sleep as it is so important for your health. Can’t extend the hours you sleep any further well try to make sure that you are getting the best quality sleep for the hours you are in bed. Make sure the room is pitch black as your skin can actually sense light. Try to switch off all electronics at least an hour before heading to bed and if that is just not an option then look into investing in some orange coloured glasses to help kick start melatonin production as you sleep.

8. Evaluate the amount of animal food you eat

Eating too much meat, dairy, chicken, and eggs can actually lead to low energy. But so can eating too little! Experiment. Respect your body’s individuality, remember everyone is different.

how to get more energy

9. Take time for yourself & get in touch with your spirituality

Find activities that restore your energy, such as a walk, a bath, a museum, a movie, or whatever you enjoy and schedule a weekly date with yourself to do these things! We are spiritual beings in a physical world. Find ways to get in touch with your spiritual side, be it meditating, dancing, drawing, going to church or temple, or being in nature.

10. Try some superfood supplements 

Such as Maca, Chia Seeds, Spirulina or Goji berries. Add them into your smoothies & or salads for an awesome natural energy boost. A green smoothie in the morning is a great alternative to coffee and can actually wake you up and keep you going throughout your day!

Midafternoon energy slump

Another suggestion is if you are feeling that midafternoon energy slump, do a body inventory. Set an alarm to go off every hour while your awake to remind you to take two minutes out from whatever your doing to stand up and take an inventory of tension or discomfort in my body. Ask yourself, ‘Is my brow furrowed? Am I clenching my jaw? Are my shoulders hunched over? Am I breathing deeply?’ All the way down to your toes.

What you may find is that when the alarm goes off maybe you are slumped over at your desk so you look like the letter ‘C’ — barely breathing, certainly not deeply and restoratively enough to give you energy. By taking those two minutes, you’re getting rid of muscle tension that is zapping your body of much-needed energy. It actually takes energy to feel tense or uncomfortable.

How are your energy levels going?  Would you like some customised help to really boost your energy and start feeling great again?

how to get more energy

Are you a busy woman who:

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Well It’s your turn to prioritize YOU!

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What sets this program apart is the amount of support you receive. Knowledge is power but support and accountability create change!

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how to get more energy

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