Karen’s Recipes

Do you love having protein bars, smoothies, chews, gels, and / or even desserts but don’t like that there are so many nasty added ingredients into them? Well you are not alone. And that is why I created…
Karen’s Recipe Page!
Here at Real Energy Food, we focus on all things health and well being. We often have clients asking for my favorite recipes in the following areas:

  • Protein Bars
  • Smoothies
  • Healthy Meals
  • Chews
  • Gels
  • Clean Treats

So I decided to create a resource where people can come to one place and find great recipes that are super healthy and actually taste delicious!!
This recipes are forever growing so if you have some ingredients that you would love to see in a protein bar, smoothies, etc, let us know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to make a recipe with them added!
On to my recipes…

Protein Bars

Protein bar recipes
Want to learn how to make delicious protein bars that will keep you going for hours? And what’s even better is that our protein bar recipes are actually good for you. You can take these protein bars with you on your next adventure or even just as an awesome snack at work. They are super simple to make.
Check out our protein bars recipes here.


Smoothie recipes
Have you tried having smoothies for breakfast? Or recipes specially formulated for before or after a workout? They can be a great start to the day along as you have the right recipe. So if you want to start the day with a delicious and healthy recipe…
Check out our smoothie recipes here.

Healthy Meals

Healthy Meal Recipes
Or are you just looking for some great tasting recipes that you can have for lunch or dinner? Then you will definitely want to check out our healthy meal recipes.
Healthy meal recipes here.

Energy Chews

Energy Chews recipes
Do you love to run? Or how about mountain bike, road bike, or even hike? Then you have probably had an energy chew before. But do you have any idea what is put into these chews? Well let me tell you that it is probably best to avoid them unless…you can make your own.
Check out our simple chew recipes here.

Energy Gels

Energy Gel Recipes
If you haven’t tried chews before and you like your endurance then the chances are that you have tried energy gels. But again, with the ingredients that go into these things, energy gels should only be consumed on a very irregular basis. That is unless you make your own simple gels with great ingredients. Don’t know how to make your own.
Check out our simple gel recipes here.

Clean Treats

Clean Treat Recipes
We all like to have treats once in a while. And some of us more often than others. So is there a better way then binging on unhealthy chocolate or savory snacks? Yes there is!

Check out our super simple clean treat recipes here.