How To Lose 10lbs In 4 Weeks Without Dieting

How To Lose 10lbs In 4 Weeks Without Dieting

Ok so this blog post might not be what you were expecting, but if this isn’t the first time you have clicked to read a blog post with a title like this before then I challenge you to read to the end, and keep an open mind.

Because I used to click on links with titles like this all the time!

Like all the time.

And they would have suggestions for losing 10lbs quickly right.

Things like maybe….

  •      Do HIIT workouts, or make sure you get in 10,000 steps per day
  •      Buy a fitness tracker & keep a food diary
  •      Cut calories, carbs, fat, meat, sugar and or a combination or all these;
  •      Make sure you eat breakfast
  •      Drink more water, less alcohol, more coffee, less coffee
  •      Eat 5 times a day or maybe try intermittent fasting

Have you already seen any of these before?

Did implementing these help you lose weight?

Probably. And some of them are totally great & useful suggestions, and some aren’t.

So if they worked so well, then why are you back here?

Clicking on links about fast weight loss again?

Let me share with you my story.

This was me.

I wasn’t obese but I wasn’t healthy and totally had 10lbs or so I wanted to lose. And I routinely clicked on links promising the new weight loss diet to end all weight loss diets and I would lose weight. In fact research shows that almost any diet will lead to weight loss in the short term. Most diets have you cut out processed crap and have you eat more real food, and that generally leads to weight loss. But what happens to all these people in these studies over the long term?

Researchers at UCLA reviewed 31 long-term studies on the effectiveness of dieting and concluded that dieting is actually a consistent predictor of weight gain. Up to two thirds of people regain more weight that they lost.

Guilty pleasure concept. Portrait of doll like brunette girl wit
Consistent predictor of weight gain.

Ok so after trying low fat, low carb, dukan, atkins, lemon water, juice cleanses, fasting and more I wasn’t any skinnier or happier than when I had started. In fact by this stage (around 10 years after I started dieting) I was even more obsessed with everything I ate. I would be constantly thinking about food and I was so worried that every bite was going to cause me to gain weight.

Can you relate?

This is me now.

Travelling through Canada, USA, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal & Poland for the last 2 years. Eating different foods in different places, eating my favorite gelato and having a tonne of fun building my health coaching practice.

No dieting!

Ok so how did I get there?

Using the same strategies you can use to actually lose 10lbs in 4 weeks and actually maintain the weight loss for life, but to be honest is this really your goal?

A Healthier & Happier You In 4 Weeks

Because that is the real goal right?

Before you read any further I would love you to take a few minutes and think about WHY you actually want to lose weight?

What is your deeper goal?

Is it that you want to feel more confident at work?

Do you want to feel more attractive when you’re with your partner?

Or maybe you feel like you need to weigh less to attract your perfect partner?

Do you want to have more energy so you can play with your kids?

Want to prevent disease and live a long & healthy life?

Do you want to be able to go throughout the day without thinking about food & just be happy?

Write it down or let me know in the comments below.

crowd out with green

Week 1: Primary Food, Crowding Out & Movement

So for this week I want you to focus on three things.

  •      Doing an honest evaluation of the primary food aspects of your life
  •      Crowding out foods that don’t serve you by filling yourself with those that do
  •      Moving more, sitting less

Primary Food

If secondary food is actual food that you eat so carbs, fat & protein than primary food is all the other aspects of your life that nourish you. Things like exercise, career, relationships & spirituality. A lack of primary food can cause cravings and eating patterns that might not be serving you and likewise more healthy primary food can help to effortless reduce cravings and make it easier to make healthy food choices. Click HERE to take the Primary Food Evaluation to see where your Primary Food may be out of balance.

Crowd Out

This week I want you to take an oath.

To never diet again.

To never restrict again.

And instead we are going to focus on adding in. This is the idea of crowding out.

If I ask you not to think about a pink elephant what is the first thing you think about. It’s the same concept when you tell yourself you can’t have something. Willpower gets you through until it doesn’t anymore. Maybe you get tired, or stressed, or just busy, or at an occasion where you can’t maintain your rules. Restriction often leads to binging or unhealthy food preoccupation so instead focus on what you are going to add to your diet to make you feel good. This will naturally start to crowd out the foods that don’t serve you.

There are only so many eating opportunities in a day. If you have a bunch of healthy foods easily available and planned out you are much more likely to not feel like or be able to fit in the junky stuff. So you probably already know the foods that make you feel good but if you need a hand with the actual what to eat part let me know in the comments below or PM me on Facebook HERE.

Some ideas include:

  •      Start each day with a green smoothie
  •      Add an extra salad or some extra greens to your meals
  •      Make sure you’re having a healthy source of protein at each meal (this can be plant based)
  •      Add in at least one healthy fat to each meal, maybe some avocado, coconut oil or a handful of nuts or seeds
  •      Drink water to crowd out excess coffee or alcohol


By this however I don’t mean workout to lose weight.

I mean move more, sit less and have fun doing it. Find an exercise you like and get moving. (Need some ideas? Let me know in the comments below or PM me).


Get in the incidental exercise. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

And I actually love using my fitbit to bring some awareness to how much I am actually moving each day.

Exercise makes you feel happier, it increases brain function & reduces stress. These are the reasons I want you to get moving, every day!

Week 2: Throw Away The Scales, Stop Waiting & Be Grateful

The focus this week is on fun, gratitude, stress & sleep.

Stop Waiting on The Weight  & Be Grateful

When I was younger I can remember not going to a party because I couldn’t find anything to wear I felt comfortable in (this was not a lack of clothes problem). Have you ever said the words:

“when I lose weight I will  …………………”

When I lose weight I will be happy. I will get a better job. When I lose weight I will go on that holiday. When I lose weight people will like me more.

You get the idea.

Stop waiting on the weight. Put together a list of things you may have been putting off until after you lose weight & do them now.

Also find things to be grateful for about your body & your life right now. Even if nothing changes. I don’t know a more powerful way to engineer happiness than developing a daily gratitude practice. Read more about how to change your life with gratitude HERE. This week write down three things you are grateful for every morning, and watch your focus start to shift throughout the day as your mind develops a habit of scanning for the positive.

Throw Away The Scales

This one depends on you. Do you weigh yourself daily? Does your mood for the day depend on what number the scale shows?

Be honest?

If so ditch the scales. Today!

Manage Stress & Get Some Sleep

Stress & sleep have a major impact on weight loss. Click HERE to read previous articles on this topic. Here are my top tips:

  •      Prioritize sleep like you would exercise and if you can’t get more, make sure you are getting good quality sleep for the hours you are in bed. (Not sure how to improve the quality of your sleep? Comment below or PM me)
  •      Start a yoga or meditation practice. Just a few minutes a day can help.
  •      Stop, Drop & Belly Breathe. Make a habit of taking some deep belly breathes throughout the day. This signals to your body to switch your nervous system over from flight & fight mode to relaxation mode.
  •      Review your coffee consumption. Coffee can be part of a healthy lifestyle for sure but if you are someone who is stressed, or anxious often then it could be doing more harm or good. Comment below or PM me if you want more info on this.


Week 3: Build Sustainable Habits & Change Your Environment

This week I want you to start thinking about long-term lifestyle change rather than short-term results. Studies show 95% of diets fail in the long term. The only way to make something sustainable is if it’s easy and/or you enjoy it. So finding the strategies that work specifically for you, not your neighbor or best friend is KEY to long-term results. Want to chat more about this? PM me.

Build Habits Slowly & Change Your Health Story

Build habits slowly.

Set yourself up to win.

Set goals each week or month that you can achieve.

You see, if you have dieted before, gained the weight back, ever started something and not completed it, then you start to build this identity of someone who doesn’t follow through. Or of someone who can’t actually lose weight. Your health identity or the stories that you tell yourself subconsciously everyday have a massive impact on how hard or easy it is to actually let go of the weight.

So building habits slowly & sustainably and making small wins helps to shift your health identity towards someone who follows through, someone who wins and helps to build your belief that you can actually meet your goals.

Also throughout the day try and be aware of the things you may be telling yourself. Have you ever said “I’m not a runner” or “I’m just big boned” or maybe “I’m not good with numbers?”

These become self fulfilling prophecies so be aware and when you do catch yourself thinking something that doesn’t serve you, switch it up to something like one of the below:

  •      Everyday in every way I get better & better & better
  •      I am ready to enjoy good health & vitality
  •      I have been given endless talents, which I begin to utilize today.
  •      Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I’ve been given.

Change Your Environment

Part of setting yourself up for success is creating an environment where it is easy to win.

Think about your home. Is it cluttered, difficult to cook, do you have healthy snacks easily accessible?

Do you have healthy frozen food options available for those late nights when you are too tired to cook?

Who do you hang around with? Do they prioritize their health? Could you go for a walk with a friends rather than sitting down for a coffee?

Have a look at a week in your life. How could you change your environment this week to set yourself up for success?

Eat Mindfully

When you are eating make sure your environment is conducive to being able to pay attention to signals of hunger and fullness, without judgement.

That means when you eat. Just eat.

No TV.

No phone.

No reading.

Eating mindfully is one of the first steps in helping your body relearn how to regulate those hunger and satiety hormones so you start to eat when you are hungry, and stop eating when you are full. When you are distracted, such as when you are eating dinner in front of the TV, it is easy to overeat and miss your body signalling to you that it is full.


Week 4: Get Accountability & Self Care

Why do we do what we do when we know what we know?

Self Care

I believe that eating real, healthy food, exercising, meditating, journaling, having fun & socializing are all forms of self-care. This week I encourage you to think about what you eat not in terms of will it make you fat or thin but in terms of caring for your body. Looking after your body.

If you don’t look after your body, where will you live?


By week 4 of any program, willpower starts to fade, you know by now what makes you feel good and what doesn’t, yet why do we make choices we know won’t serve us & how can we continue to make good choices until we have those healthy habits on autopilot?


This can be friends, family, a personal trainer, a health coach or a paid program. Just make sure it’s someone reliable.

Prioritize you and your health by investing in making sure that you are supported and held accountable to keeping up the changes you have made.


Want To Get Better Results, In Less Time With More Accountability?

Well to cut out the guess work I have put together a 7 day Clean Living Challenge to help keep you accountable and supported as you get started on your journey. This free 7 day program will help you:

  • Learn how to recognize what foods work for you and what foods don’t
  • Discover how to destress your body including tips for first time meditators
  • Start feeling healthy & happy again with actionable strategies
  • Get back into the kitchen with fast, healthy & tasty meal plans
  • Progress towards food freedom. No more worrying about what to eat and when. No more willpower required.

Click HERE to access the FREE 7 Day Clean Living Challenge.

So What Is Included In The Free 7 Day Clean Living Challenge?

As I have talked about in this blog post I believe that health is deeper than just what’s on your plate. And so I have teamed up with Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Yoga Instructor Sarah Klein to put together the Clean Living Challenge, which focuses around the three health pillars of:

  • Real Food;
  • Movement; and
  • Mindset.

Get a 7-day meal plan, a daily email with nutrition information & a non-food challenge for the day as well as your daily dose of motivation & inspiration.

And it’s Free.

Because Sarah & I feel super passionately about getting this information out into the world. We don’t want you to be on a diet for the rest of your life! We want to help you get healthy & stay that way.

No diets.

No deprivation.

What do you have to lose? Let us help you for the next 7 days and get you back on track and kick start your healthy & sustainable weight loss journey.

What are you waiting for?

Click HERE to join our 7 Day Clean Living Challenge.

7 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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