Why I never keep my new years resolutions

Do you make new years resolutions?

I like to pretend that I don’t but I totally do.

Do more yoga & meditation often tops the list as does a range of equally vague business goals such as make more programs and help more people.

Lose weight used to be my news resolution every year.

Have you ever added lose weight to your new years resolution list? If so let me know I’m not alone with this one in the comments below. I know it soo often tops the list!

Here is why I never keep my new years resolutions longer than January. 

  1. They are usually unrealistic and immeasurable goals. Lose weight? How do I even know that I met that and even if I did lose some weight it was never enough. I always thought I should lose more. Do better. Be better.
  1. I never got any help working towards these goals. I never even said my goals out loud. I just hid them away and worked all by myself to see if I could get there. I never got there.

This year I am totally done.

No more new years resolutions.

Instead I’m writing down my goals. Actionable, realistic goals. And planning out a successful 2017. With enough detail that I can look back and actually see what I have achieved. Because that’s important around this time of year too.

Actually acknowledging what you have achieved in 2016.

What went well.

What could have been better and what you have learnt from those times that kinda sucked!

But I’m also doing a couple of other things differently.

  1. I’m writing down how I want to feel.

What I want my life to look like by the end of 2017.

What I want my business to look like, what I want my health to look like and what I want my lifestyle to look like. So I can start to become more selective of the opportunities that come my way.

I can ask myself “Is this going to help bring me towards how I want to feel throughout the year or further away?” and be able to really clearly answer.

It can be a super powerful exercise to get clear on this and super fun.

How do you want to feel at the end of 2017?

What does your health look like?

Are you feeling energized and comfortable in your own skin?

Are you more confident that you’ve ever been, have all your bloating and digestive issues disappeared?

Write it all down and if you feel comfortable I would love for you to share with me what you have written in the comments.

  1. I’m investing in myself to make my goals happen.

I know that I need accountability and to support to help me get to where I want to go in 2017.

And so I’m bringing on different experts for the different areas of my life where I know I their expertise is going to help me hit my goals faster. One of these for me was a personal trainer because although I love exercise, taking my fitness to the next level is part of one of my goals this year so I’m investing in getting there.

If you have health goals for 2017 as well and are ready to invest in yourself to get there, then my upcoming 30 Day Clean Living Challenge coming up in January might be a good fit!

Based around the three pillars of Clean Eating, Movement & Mindfulness this program takes a whole body, mind & lifestyle approach to getting you feeling energized, alive, comfortable, confident and sets you up with strategies that you can continue to implement after the challenge is over.

And includes a daily email, recipes, meal plans, weekly coaching calls, a super supportive facebook group and email access to me the entire time to make sure you have everything you need to hit your goals!

If you are interested in starting 2017 off with a bang then click HERE to join us!

To your health







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