Do Not Have Another Protein Shake Until You Have Read This Article

Do Not Have Another Protein Shake Until You Have Read This Article

Check out my video below before you have another sip of a protein shake to make sure that you know exactly what you are putting into your body!

Want to read it instead? No worries video transcript below plus further information 🙂

I love Marie Folio. Have you ever seen her videos? Anyways. While watching an episode of Marie TV her controversial guest (who I’m now a big fan of also) went through some health foods that aren’t really very healthy. Most of them I was aware of and avoided anyways. But then she started talking about almond milk. Now I love to make my own almond milk. It really does taste a lot better. But we are all busy right? So sometimes I just buy a carton of unsweetened almond milk and do you know what lots of the brands include in almond milk?


Really? Ok so what is carregeenan and what else has Carrageenan? Lots of prepackaged protein shakes like Muscle Milk. So there are so many reasons why I would never drink muscle milk. But today we are going to talk about carrageenan and why you should avoid this ingredient. In your almond milk & in your protein shakes! Maybe just make your own protein shakes!

So Carrageenan is used as a thickener and emulsifier to improve the texture of many processed dairy & dairy replacement foods. It’s derived from red algae and there actually two types. Degraded Carrageenan, which everyone agrees is a carcinogenic and isn’t used in food. And undegraded carrageenan which has been approved for use in food and is apparently “safe” for consumption.

Confusing much?!

They couldn’t have given them separate names? Anyways for over a decade carrageenan has been studied to identify dangers associated with consuming this ingredient. So what are some of these potential effects from consuming products with Carrageenan?

  • In 2006 results were published showing “that exposure of human intestinal epithelial cells to carrageenan triggers a distinct inflammatory pathway.”
  • Dr Joanne Tobacman who published these results and is one of the experts on carrageenan also observed that “exposure to undegraded as well as to degraded carrageenan was associated with the occurrence of intestinal ulcerations and neoplasms.”
  • She also believes that carrageenan warrants study as a possible factor in the development of breast cancer.
  • The best-selling author and high-profile doctor of integrative medicine Andrew Weil implicates carrageenan in both colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease; he advises everyone to avoid it.
  • It is banned for use in infant formula in the EU (but hey give it to American babies they will be just fine)
  • The Cornucopia Institute released a report summarizing studies done on Carrageenan and shows several specific studies where “safe” and “approved” undegraded carrageenan was contaminated with the non-approved degraded carrageenan.

Now I’m thinking that the risk of any of the above is not worth consuming carrageenan. Especially since there are often other brands or options that you easily choose that don’t contain this additive. There are brands of almond milk without carrageen just check your ingredients lists. Horizon and Silk announced this year that will be removing all carrageenan from their products in 2015.  

Make Your Own Protein Shakes!

protein shake

Also make your own protein shakes rather than consuming brands like muscle milk! Want some of my favorite recipes for pre and post workout shakes? Well you are in luck! I have just launched my three part ebook series which gives you all the information and recipes you need to make amazing protein shakes & smoothies Carregeenan free!

So if you want to find out more check out the link at the end of this video!!

Now If you liked this video I would love to hear from you so please share with us any other foods you know of that might contain carrageenan. Or do you have a favorite protein shake that you now need a replacement recipe for, because it contains carrageenan? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Just checked the ingredients on my carton of almond milk, has Carrageenan.
    Thanks for the alert Karen, and your video, well presented.

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