Why You Should Stop Waiting On The Weight

So towards the end of this month I am flying over to Brisbane for the Problogger conference and a week of masterminding and hanging with business besties and I can’t wait!!

But yesterday I was chatting to someone I am meeting there and they brought to my attention that there was only three weeks to go.

And as soon as I got off the call all I could think was: How much weight could I lose in three weeks?

Could I lose enough to just look a little skinnier by the time I get there?

Maybe a cleanse or fast is in order?

Now I have nothing against cleanses or fasts they can totally be beneficial for you but for me I wasn’t thinking about the benefits, I was thinking about how I was going to look at this conference. Specifically was I looking skinny enough to go.

Now in the past I used to have these thoughts sooo often. I couldn’t go the party because I didn’t think I looked good enough. I would diet before every event because hey, I was never looking thin enough to be seen in public.

I would use it as an excuse soo often.

I will be able to be xxx once I lose weight.

Until I just stopped. Stopped waiting on the weight. And slowly tried to change up my thought patterns. Because life is too short. And I look back now and wish I hadn’t wasted so much time. Hadn’t worried so much. There are soo much more important things to worry about. So many people with real problems. But I know how it feels when you in it. When it consumes you.

So today I just notice that I’m still triggered a little by big events like problogger. Years after I stopped dieting and binging and worrying about everything I was eating. But today those thoughts don’t hold as much power as they used to.

I just ask myself are those thoughts useful?

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Do I really care about what people think of my appearance at an Internet marketing conference? If I say it out loud it almost sounds funny. Why would I care?

I don’t.

We waste soo much time worrying out our weight, what we look like, I know I have in the past.

And so I refuse to waste anytime at all with thoughts like that anymore! Doesn’t mean they don’t come up, but I sure as hell won’t be giving them the power that I used to.

So in the Clean Living Club this month that I run with Health Coach and Yoga Instructor Sarah Klein we are running a 30 day challenge of a different kind.

It’s a be kind to yourself challenge.

And lets just be clear. This doesn’t mean that you can’t want to change something about yourself. You can totally still want to lose weight and be kind to yourself. You can lose weight from a place of love rather than a place of self-loathing. In fact you might find it actually works better and faster for you. I know it does for me.

So the challenge is to:

  1. Notice the things you say about yourself. What comes up for you. Do you feel guilt around food all the time? Just start to become aware of all the things you say about yourself.
  2. Ask yourself are these thoughts useful? Even if you believe them to be true, are they useful in better your life? Useful in creating a happier, healthier you?
  3. Have an affirmation or a phrase that you say instead. Something quick and easy that you can just start to repeat to yourself. Maybe “its my time and I’m ready for the next step” or “ I forgive you”. Share with me in the comments below an affirmation that works for you. Or one that you are going to try this month.
  4. Start a daily gratitude practice. Write down 3 things your grateful every day. It’s amazing the power gratitude has. Let me know below in the comments if you already do this one.

And any questions at all just let me know!

To your health,


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