Make Your Own Favorite Brand Name Protein Bars At Home

Learn how to make homemade protein bars that are just like your brand name favorites. Cliff Bars, Oh Yeah Bars, Pure Protein Bars and More! Only healthier, using all natural ingredients and made for less than $1 per bar!

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Elizabeth Mooney Perth, Australiaa

    "I just bought one of Karens new E books. Wow. Great Value. And the recipes are to die for. They look pretty easy to make and I love the fact that they don't have preservatives and fake stuff in them. The pictures are beautiful." 

  • avatar April Lebedoff Vancouver, Canada

    "These recipes are fantastic! Karen has managed to come up with affordable and healthy (did I mention tasty?) protein bars that are easy to make. This ebook will be a staple in my kitchen from now on." 

  • Alison King Coach at Run For Your Life, New Zealand

    The recipes from Real Energy Food are not only easy to follow but also so delicious you can't stop making them. It is also a hit with my 3-year old son - he gobbled down a half sized coconut cream bar. I cant wait to try all of the recipes. 

Learn to Make your Own Brand Name Favorites at Home PLUS 2 Awesome Bonuses!

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  1. The Top Secret Protein Bar Recipes - How to Make the Most Popular Brands Right at Home Ebook - Which contains recipes and colour photos of reverse enegineered recipes of all your favorite protein bars. Feel better, perform better, have more energy and save money!
  2. Bonus Ebook - Superfood Ingredients – Turbo Charge Your Protein Bars and Your Health with These 10 Super Foods 
  3. Bonus Ebook - Money Saving Secrets – How to Save up to 67% by Making Your Own Protein Bars at Home!

About The Author

A keen runner, mountain biker, snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast, Karen started Real Energy Food to share what she has learnt about creating healthy energy food on the go :)

Passionate about health and fittness, if she is not enjoying being outdoors she is happiest in her kitchen making delicious but healthy homemade sports nutrition such as protein bars, energy chews and gels & shakes. 

With a bachelor's degree in Science and currently training at the Institute of Ingergrative Nutrition she loves reseaching the best ingredients for awesome recipes to get you performing at your optimal level.

Get your copy of Top Secret Protein Bar Recipes for only $7

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