Vanilla Yogurt Power Bar and Why You Should Choose Full Fat Yogurt

vanilla full fat yogurt power bar

Need a healthy snack to get you going? How about some power bars made with a full fat yogurt?

Many of you might be wondering why I chose to include a full fat yogurt in the recipe. Let me start off by saying that not all fats are bad. There are good fats that can contribute to improving your overall health and well-being. Learn more about healthy fats and why they are so important HERE.

Full Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is made through fermentation. In making Greek yogurt specifically, a cloth is used to strain or separate the excess liquid so you get a thicker and creamier texture. At the same time, what you have is a yogurt that is rich in protein and probiotics with less carbohydrates and sugar.

Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy substitute for ice cream if you are craving for one. And this is not just the only reason why it should be included in your diet. Here are a few more.

  • Yogurt is packed with protein, which is essential in cell growth, muscle-building and repair. This is especially true for full fat yogurts. This is also another reason why it is a great recovery food after working out.
  • The probiotics found in yogurt keeps your bowel movements regular. That’s because probiotics keep your digestive system functioning as they should.
  • Calcium content in yogurt is high which limits the production of fat in the body.
  • Yogurt has iodine that helps promote healthy metabolism.
  • It is rich in Vitamin B12 needed to keep your brains healthy to keep you energized.

But Isn’t Dairy Bad For You?

There are a lot of people out there that don’t do well with dairy. And if that’s you then congrats on figuring out what works for your unique body and stay away from it. This recipe is maybe not for you (check out another dairy free protein bar recipe HERE)
However if you are going to include dairy in your diet then one of the most important things to remember is quality matters! Buy organic where you can. Avoid any products that say Low-fat or Fat-free. These are usually loaded with sugar or even if they aren’t they are highly processed and lacking a lot of the goodness found in the full fat versions. Full fat dairy also fills you up and keeps you feel more satisfied for longer which can help you eat less throughout the day.

Here’s how to make the Vanilla Yogurt Power Bar.


  • 60g vanilla whey protein powder
  • 10g ground almonds
  • 5g coconut
  • 5g skim milk powder
  • 12g agave syrup
  • 40g almond butter
  • 30g greek yogurt
  • white chocolate or yogurt to coat the bars


  • Add all the ingredients together into a food processor or a mixing bowl and blend.
  • Once mixed together, shape the dough into three (3) bars and put them on a plate and into the fridge. Let it set.
  • Melt the chocolate and once melted, dunk the bars then put them back into the fridge to set.
  • Enjoy your power bars.

Macros: Calories 195, Carbohydrates 8g, Sugar 5g, Protein 17g, Fat 12g

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