Boost Energy in Just 3 Days

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Sick of being tired?

Want a better solution instead of reaching for another cup of coffee?

Ready to feel energized throughout the day?

Download my FREE energy boosting 3 day plan to get everything you need to kick start your energy levels and teach your body how to burn fat & feel great!

Calm, Nourish & Energize

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Get daily tips & strategies to work on your mind & body throughout the 3 days to maximise energy.

  • CALM – Learn how your nervous system may be causing fatigue and 3 simple steps to reverse this
  • NOURISH – Delicious meal plans plus superfood suggestions to get you feeling better fast!
  • ENERGIZE –  Learn three strategies to help boost energy levels without spending hours at the gym

3 Day Meal Plan

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3 days of healthy and delicious recipes designed to boost your energy levels & help you burn fat without deprivation!

No one is going hungry on this detox!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes that are easy to make and taste great! Includes meal plan,
recipes & shopping list.

Energy Superfoods

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Learn about my favorite superfoods for boosting energy levels as well as how to use them to experience all day energy!

Download Now & Start Feeling Energized! 

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Hi, I'm Karen and I work with busy people just like you every day to help them boost energy levels, lose weight, clear up their skin and improve their health through finding the right foods that work for their unique body. My 1-on-1 and group health coaching programs focus on a customized plan for you that fits into your lifestyle and is right for your body. We focus on whole foods and building sustainable habits to transform your life. No dieting, no scales and no feeling deprived. Ready to embrace healthy eating and feel better in your body? Ready to stop feeling tired all the time? Come over and say hello in the Real Energy Food Facebook Group

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