You’re Closer Than You Think

I recently watched this inspiring interview with Dr Mark Hyman and one of my favorites Marie Forleo (anyone else love the information she shares?)

There were some great takeaways that I often discuss with my clients and so I wanted to share some of the most interesting along with an action step you can take right away to improve your own health.

You’re Closer Than You Think

You might not realise how close you are to health and happiness.

Your body actually wants to be healthy and it’s amazing how fast it will respond to you once you team up with it, start to look after it and give it the fuel it needs to give you the energy and the results you want. Most people who are suffering with low energy, leaky gut, food sensitivities and inflammation are just a couple of decisions away from actually achieving a healthy, happy life.

In saying that sugar, refined carbohydrates and MSG all major ingredients in processed foods are highly addictive and can be difficult to give up. It’s not that you don’t have enough willpower these substances are biologically addictive and so working with your biology instead of against it can really help you get off these foods that are preventing you from thriving.

Reducing these foods from your diet by crowding them out with healthy, real food can have a massive impact on your energy levels, health and waistline. No crazy diets required. You don’t need to eliminate whole food groups. Just start small by adding in half a plate of vegetables to at least one meal per day. Or swap out your usual breakfast for a green smoothie. It’s amazing how making one small change at a time can lead to amazing health outcomes over time.

Feel like reducing the sugar and processed foods is too daunting?

Here are some tips to help:

1. Increase healthy fats & sour foods – Healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil & coconut milk can help to fill you up and kick those cravings. Also, sour foods like sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, pickles and fermented veggies do a great job of getting rid of sugar cravings.

2. Add in fresh fruit or sweet vegetables such as carrots, beets, butternut squash, yams, turnips or parsnips – crowd out refined sweets with naturally sweet real food

3. Make a healthy dessert using dates, fresh fruit and spices like coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cloves and cardamom.

4. Set up your environment for success – keep lots of healthy snacks on hand so you can grab them when those cravings strike and keep the processed food difficult to access. Want a healthy snack guide for ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

5. Get more sleep, rest & relaxation – as being tired is a huge cause of cravings. Next time you crave sugar check in and ask what are you really hungry for? What does my body really need? It may be a nap or maybe you need to switch up your task or call a friend. 

How Your Social Environment Is Impacting Your Health And Your Waistline

Sad but true, your social environment actually has a massive impact on your health. In fact a study in 2015 published in the American Journal Of Preventative Medicine found a strong link between our zip codes and weight scales. They found that people who moved to a poorer neighborhood gained more weight than those who either stayed put or moved to a better or similar neighborhood. “For those who moved to higher-deprivation neighborhoods, the impact of NDI change on weight gain increased with duration of neighborhood residence,” the authors wrote. It was only after four years of having moved to a more deprived neighborhood that weight was noticeably influenced, the authors explained.

Other research in 2012 has found these poorer environments to be what they called “obesogenic”, for their propensity to predict higher rates of obesity among its residents.

So if moving is out of the questions what can you do instead?

Meet likeminded people in your community by joining a walking club or reach out to a friends for some accountability in keeping your healthy habits. A group program or community like our Clean Living Club is also a great way to keep yourself surrounded by likeminded people without having to move house.

Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Inconvenient, Difficult Or Expensive

We have this message blasted to us on advertisements, on the radio, on TV everyday. “Let me do the cooking for you” You don’t have time to cook” “You’re too busy for that” are all messages we are filled with all the time.

However we end up spending more time watching cooking shows on TV than actually cooking and it’s massively affecting our health and our waistlines. Unless you are getting healthy meals delivered daily by one of the new meal delivery services popping up in some locations, nothing will improve the quality of food you are eating like cooking will. So change your mind about it. Stop thinking that cooking is inconvenient, difficult or expensive.

There are so many healthy, easy and tasty recipes that you can try so if you need any ideas or have a meal that you struggle with let me know below.

Food Is Information Not Just Calories

This is huge!

Food is information for your cells, for your immune system, for your hormones, for your genes, for your nervous system, not just calories.

100 calories of donut does not affect your body the same was as 100 calories of spinach no matter how much we have been led to believe that over the years. The quality of the food you are eating can help turn on your lose weight genes rather than your hold on to weight genes and impacts your cravings, energy levels and more.

What would change for you if you looked at food as fuel for your body rather than just calories? As information for all the systems in your body trying to make neurotransmitters and muscles and keeping your moods stable and you happy and energised?

Every time you make a food choice you are either fueling your body or slowing it down, so team up with your body to give it some good choices so it can help you thrive!

To your health,


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