My 5 Favorite Foods To Take on a Road Trip

My 5 Favorite Foods To Take on a Road Trip

This week we drove from Vancouver to Calgary to spend Christmas with family. I love road trips. Last year we were lucky enough to road trip all around the US from Chicago to Quay West, Florida to LA, through Colorado & Wyoming back to Vancouver Canada. I had lots of time to determine what are my favorite things to keep on hand in the car to make sure I don’t feel tempted to pick up any of the “food” options at the gas stations along the way.

 So what are my 5 Favorite Road Tripping Snacks?

  1. Trail Mix – I love to make my own trail mix to take on the road with me. I usually add mostly nuts & seeds with a few raisins or some other dried fruit. Make sure you check the ingredients however if you’re buying pre packaged trail mix. Always make your own if possible.
  1. Fruit – Apples, bananas, grapes & berries are great snacks to have on hand in the car. I find the natural sugars help to keep me alert if I’m getting tired driving.
  1. Veggies with a Nut Butter – I love carrot and celery with some almond butter on them. This makes a great healthy snack that is easy to prepare while on the road and will keep you going while you’re driving.
  1. Dark Chocolate – Now I love dark chocolate but you have to be careful with this one. I usually portion out what I want to eat as a snack into a zip lock bag as dark chocolate in moderation is really great for you. It’s an easy one to overdo however. Try and choose the highest cocoa percentage available such as 80% or 90%.
  1. Homemade Protein Bars – My favorite of course is homemade protein bars and energy balls. These taste great, give you all the energy you need but also keep you feeling full so you can more easily resist other temptations.

What are your favorite road trip snacks? I would love to hear from you so let me know in the comments below.


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