7 Best Healthy Smoothies In Perth

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I have to admit I’m a huge smoothie fan! I often have a green smoothie for breakfast and love making a delicious but healthy chocolate smoothie for when those sugar cravings strike.

So when I’m working in the city I love to have some go to smoothie spots where I know I am going to get a super tasty but also healthy smoothie. With added superfoods, healthy fruit and veggies and a range of bases like almond milk and coconut milk.

So where are my favorite places in The City of Perth to get a smoothie? Check them out below not in any particular order, these are all worth trying out!

Any I have forgotten? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

1. BOWLN – Shop 4, 172 St Georges Terrace, Perth

These smoothie bowls are amazing! Everything is made from scratch including homemade granola and all this gorgeous fruit is cut to order. Chat to they guys working there and you can everyone is passionate about making real health food with real ingredients so you can thrive! This one was their dragon bowl but they have lots of awesome flavors to try and lots of ymummy toppers such as bee pollen and super greens.

2. The Beehive Well-Beeing Bar – 5/140 William St, Perth WA

This is such a gorgeous little smoothie bar with super tasty smoothies! They also have juices and yummy tonics and elixirs and wheatgrass shots. This was their Bee Bulletproof and it was delicious!

3. Freshii – Carillon Arcade, Shop 110 207 Murray Street

Located in the Carillon food court Freshii does some great smoothies, salad bowls, healthy burritos and freshly squeezed juices. It’s a great place to get a quick and easy lunch on the run or pick up your green smoothie to get those greens in for the day! If you don’t want them to add the frozen yogurt in just ask them to sub in coconut milk instead. This one is strawberry, banana with coconut milk 🙂

4. Panache – 5 Mill Street, Perth CBD

This restaurant has yummy super smoothies like the supergreen and the salted caramel!
Also LOVE that they have cocowhip for sale as I am a huge ice cream fan and this is a really great substitute!

5. Little Bird Cafe – 100 Lake St, Northbridge

This is a great spot for a range of healthy options including SMOOTHIES!! They have some super delicious ones that are great for a breakfast on the go!

6. DuoTone – 313 Hay St, East Perth

Ok this is maybe the best chocolate superfood shake I have ever tasted! Big call but it tasted just like a chocolate milkshake! Only it was made with raw cacao, dates, almonds, hazelnuts, vanilla and buckwheat. Don’t have lunch before this one it’s super filling but sooo tasty! They make their own chocolate sauce in house with raw cacao too. Seriously just like a chocolate milkshake so for a healthy option for those sugar cravings this one is your smoothie!

7. Java Juice -140 St Georges Tce, Perth

Java juice has some good smoothie options just check the ingredient list for each and change up what suits you best. For example I don’t love using soy protein powder but you can switch that out for a different protein powder or some other superfood ingredients. They also have freshly squeezed juices and wheatgrass.

I hope this has helped you to find all the best healthy smoothie spots in the City of Perth!

Any I have forgotten, let me know in the comments below or love one of these too? Let me know!
Enjoy your lunch while fuelling your body!

To your health,


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