7 Success Habits To Take You To A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

sustainable healthy lifestyle

This week I was reading a blog post written by the Amazing Denise Duffield Thomas which was titled 7 Success Habits That Took Me To 7 Figures. Because that is a goal of mine. To take my business to the 7 figure level. But anyways what I realized is that I already implement all of these habits in the health arena and they are exactly what helps me and my clients who also implement these habits get the health, energy & vitality they are after. They could totally be the 7 Success Habits To Take You To A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle.

And so what I really need is to make sure I am also implementing them in my business but I wanted to share them here today because if you do have a health goal you are working towards or really want to be healthy, energized & happy then these are the 7 habits to get you there! So let’s go through them as they relate to health!

  1. The Basics Work sustainable healthy lifestyle

This is so true when it comes to your health and meeting your health goals whether that is preventing disease or losing weight. Eat real food, move your body, drink water, stress less, laugh more and get some sleep. No specialized workouts or fad diets required. Your body actually innately knows how to get well, how to be healthy. You just have to get out of its way and give it the ingredients I listed above. I know people get as impatient with performing the basics when it comes to their health as they do with business and these may not be new or sexy but they have worked for me and for so many others around the world.

  1. Be Consistent

Point 1 doesn’t work without Point 2. I’m super consistent with working on the ingredients above and being consistent starts with a clear decision to be consistent. Just like building a business when it comes to losing weight or getting healthy it’s not what you do once in awhile that makes a difference. It’s what you do everyday!

  1. Keep it Simple

Because the basics work. Don’t complicate things or try to take on too much at once. Just focus on adding one new health habit a month with the aim to have 12 healthy habits by the end of the year. Imagine how much 12 new healthy habits could transform your health.

  1. Make Deliberate Decisions

Just like consciously making decisions in your business can take it to the next level, make deliberate decisions about your health. Your family and friends may think that you should watch a movie with them instead of go for your walk or that you should totally have dessert because they all have dessert. And so you might start to think that maybe you should. It’s easy to be swayed off track.

And of course if you want to watch a movie or have dessert go for it, that isn’t what this success habit is about. It’s about knowing what direction you are going and making conscious decisions each day that are taking you in that direction. Something that can really help is setting an intention for your day every morning. So maybe you wake up and your intention for the day is to feel energized. Let that intention flow into all your choices throughout the day so for example you’re deciding what to have for lunch and you remember your intention for the day to feel energized. And so this helps you choose the quinoa salad with chickpeas rather than the burger and fries. Don’t take my word for it, give it a try. Set an intention for your day tomorrow and start making deliberate decisions in line with that intention.

  1. Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

    sustainable healthy lifestyle

I love the Jim Rohn quote “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” because it is just soo true. I sometimes almost forget that there is a health crisis going on out there because so many of the people I spend time with love saladand green smoothies. Exercising is normal and getting 8 hours of sleep is looked on as an achievement not a sign that you were not working hard enough!

Have a look around you? Who are you spending most of your time with?

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, followed a large social network of 12,067 people for 32 years and found that one of the biggest predictors of obesity was who you spent time with. In fact it found that if your friends became obese your chances of becoming obese increased by 57%.

Need a new community? Come across to my free facebook group HERE and say hello!

  1. Ask: Why Not Me?

Do you ever look at those people who are really healthy, look great and seem to have endless energy and think to yourself “well it’s alright for them because they have …….. “

Maybe it’s they have money, they have time, they have different friends or a different family or maybe they live in a different city?

Whatever the excuse recognize it today as just that… an excuse and let them go. Instead ask yourself “Why not me?”

Realize that you can totally do this and if you need support to help you reach out!

  1. Work on Your “Healthiest You Blocks” (Limiting Beliefs)

Ok so Denise’s 7th tip was Work on Your Money Blocks but it is still a completely relevant success habit of the healthy.

Limiting beliefs or health stories or healthiest you blocks are unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that run on autopilot in the background but affect our decisions everyday. For example some common ones I see in my clients who want to lose weight are:

  • I can’t do it
  • My family is overweight so I am doomed to be this way
  • No matter what I do
  • Some people are naturally thin and I’m just not
  • People gain weight as they get older

The first step to overcoming these so they don’t get in the way of your progress is awareness. So start to be aware of the things you might be telling yourself over and over every day. And when you catch yourself saying one of the phrases above switch it up with an affirmation instead, Such as “every day in every way I get better and better and better” or “ I am proud of myself for working towards my weight loss goal” or “my health is improving every day”.

Let me know in the comments below how you will be working on these 7 habits and I will keep you updated on how I implement these habits into the business area of my own life.

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To your health!

Karen xx

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