Best Places To Eat Healthy Food In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Best Places To Eat Healthy Food In Chiang Mai, Thailand

So October last year I arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand which was to then be my base for the next four months!

We soo loved living here and by the time we left I feel like we had sussed out all the best spots to eat tasty and healthy food within the city.

So I thought I would put together a video and a post for you with a list of my favorite places to eat from my time in Chiang Mai!

Enjoy & let me know in the comments below if there is a good one I have forgotten to share!

My Favorite Places To Eat In Chiang Mai

Check out all my favorites below & learn where a health coach loves to eat in Chiang Mai.

The Old City


Bubbles Live Restaurant

Located in the old city, this restaurant has great smoothies, wheat grass shot, veggie burgers and avocado salad.

Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant

You can find this restaurant a few doors from Bubbles Live, also in the old city. This is the best place to go when you are looking for vegan desserts. They have Vegan chocolate brownies with Vegan ice cream.


This vegetarian restaurant is located right at the Taipei gate in the old city. They have kombucha and almond milk. My favorite is their green papaya salad with tempeh.


Blue Diamond

Another restaurant that serves good food. Most of the superfoods that are hard to find are here. They have Maca powder, Goji berries, raw cacao and raw desserts. They also have Vegan donuts & a yummy breakfast.


Located in the old city, this restaurant has a nice ambience and serves Thai food.

Coconut Ice-Cream Vendors

Special mention to those people selling coconut ice-cream from the street. Sooo yummy!!

Nimman Area


Healthy B Cafe

This is one of my favorite place to go for breakfast. They have veggie breakfast, veggie scramble, great coffee and they also make yummy smoothies. You can also have one of their salads for lunch. My favorite food to order is the Healthy B breakfast. It has veggies, avocado and scrambled eggs.


This is one restaurant with yummy Thai options. Try their veggie stir-fry with a little tempeh and brown rice.


Salad Concept

Here you can make your own salad. This is a good place if you need salads or greens in your diet. They also have freshly squeezed juices and wheat grass shots.


Food For Thought

They serve huge gluten-free wraps and yummy omelettes. They also have chocolate oats, kombucha and good coffee. This place is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The Salsa Kitchen

This restaurant serves really tasty Mexican food (no guarantees on how healthy, but super yummy & huge portions. You may need to share!!)

Smoothie Blues

This place have delicious smoothies and I usually come here for breakfast.


Have you tried any of these places out yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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