Why you should forgive yourself for totally struggling to be a vegan while your best friend thrives as one!

Why you should forgive yourself for totally struggling to be a vegan while your best friend thrives as one!


I read a lot of health articles. A lot! And I love to keep up to date with the latest cutting edge techniques for improving your health, preventing disease, losing weight and most importantly feeling happier and loving your life more!

But I must admit even I sometimes feel an information overload. There are so many different diets and theories to try. Which one is the “correct” one? Which one is going to help me lose weight faster? Help me build muscle faster? Or how about reduce my risk of heart disease, diabetes & cancer?

Here’s my opinion.

There is no right answer.

Everyone is different.

Sorry 🙁

But there are a few things that everyone agrees on that we can do to improve our health and Ill go over these later in this article. First I wanted to go into a bit more depth about what I have been talking about above. The concept of bio- individuality. What I mean by this is that everyone is different. What may work really well for you might not work at all for me.


Our bodies are different. We have different metabolisms, different ancestry and different blood types. Men will have different needs to women and children to elderly. The climate where you live, may even have an effect on how different foods make you feel.

So how then if we are all different do you make a decision on what to eat to help you skyrocket your energy levels and get you feeling great?

Well believe it or not your body knows what to eat. We just aren’t very practiced at listening to it. I listened to an entertaining presentation by Daniel Vitalis last week where he made an interesting observation. Could you imagine a group of wolves meeting up to discuss what they should be eating?

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Or perhaps a group of lions or chimpanzees? Of course not these animals know instinctively what to eat. And once we really start to practice listening to our body we can relearn how to instinctively eat as well.

Now this all sounds good but for me I needed some tools to actually help me start hearing my body because after years of silencing it with every diet out there (yep I have tried most of them at one stage or another) it took me some time to get back in touch with what actually makes me feel good. And to be honest I’m still learning. So if you are like I was, here are some tips to get back in touch with the foods that make you feel your best!

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  1. Stop Restricting – stop getting caught up in your latest diet rules where you are only allowed this but not allowed that and try to start noticing how the food that you eat makes you feel. Although almost all diets can help with weight loss in the short term being too restrictive can often lead to cravings or binges as you start to rebel.
  1. Experiment – This is a really great way of not only figuring out what works for you but reducing the guilt we sometimes feel from eating “bad” foods. Treat each meal and each different food you eat as an experiment. Be more aware and notice how you feel when you eat something. No food is good or bad it’s only an experiment, there is an outcome and depending on that outcome you may choose not to consume that food anymore. This is a great way to figure out what foods make you feel great and which foods don’t.
  1. Keep a Journal – Journal the results of your experiments. Keep a food diary that also includes how you felt that day or after each meal. Were you tired by 3pm or did you have lots of energy today? Are you feeling really anxious or relaxed and in control? Any stomach issues or complaints? Headaches? Looking back on a journal can help you be your own best detective and set up a lifestyle plan that is effortless to stick to and works for you.
  1. Be Flexible – Your body changes. And so you may need to adapt your eating or exercise regime at different stages of your life. But once you start getting more in tune with what your body is telling you this will become an easier process.
  1. Share Your Journey – Working out your own ideal diet and lifestyle plan can work even better if you have someone to help you stay accountable and talk through some of the results you are finding. Saying things out load sometimes helps you make connections you may not have realized. This can be a friend, your spouse or a health coach. (Feel free to email me on Karen@realenergyfood.com for more information on my health coaching packages).

And remember your body actually wants to get well. It prefers to be healthy. So treat it as if it was your best friend not your enemy and give it lots of love and nourishing foods so it provides you with energy & makes it easy to stay happy and relaxed.

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Things We All Agree On

So what are some things that you can start to experiment with that most health and wellness professionals seem to agree on?

  • Drink more water – this is so simple and can change your life so swap the soda or that third cup of coffee for an extra glass of water.
  • Eat more vegetables – bulk up meals with lots of healthy colorful vegetables. It’s something you can never get too many of so fill your plate with your favorites or let me know in the comments below if you would like some more creative ways to get more vegetables into your diet!
  • Eat less processed foods – crowd out processed foods with healthy alternatives. Food high in refined sugar, trans fats and laden with chemicals aren’t good for anyone’s body.
  • Move more – This doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym everyday however moving more whether that’s a walk in the sunshine, your favorite dance class or a bike ride, exercise has numerous health benefits including giving you more energy and making you happier!

What do you think of bio-individuality?

Do you have a story of where listening to your body has helped you?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Love this post Karen! I am definitely promoting intuition with my clients right now as well! So many people feel pressured to fit into a category and just letting them know that isn’t true can be so freeing…

    Amanda xo

  2. Totally agree Karen. We are all so different and were brought up on different foods and lifestyles. It is unfortunate we cannot use the one size fits all strategy when it comes to health and fitness.

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