Maybe This Is The Cause of Your Cravings

Maybe This Is The Cause of Your Cravings

Have you ever experienced a craving for sugar or salt or maybe pasta or pizza?

I sure have.

In the past I had chronic sugar cravings! I unfortunately have such a sweet tooth. But since I have become more aware of my cravings and what my body might actually be trying to communicate with me, they have become a little less common.

Your body is pretty smart you know.

It never forgets to breathe or forgets to pump blood around your body. And it never thinks oh maybe it’s a good idea to stop processing that food you have eaten. So the more you can learn to listen to your body and work together with it, the more it will work together with you to give you more energy and a happier outlook on life.

Want to know 8 Common Causes of Cravings?

  1. Lack of Primary Food

Primary food refers to the other aspects of your life that contribute to your health that are not food. Such as your career, your relationships, spirituality and exercise.

Being dissatisfied with one of these areas of your life, being bored, not exercising or exercising too much can all start to cause food cravings as you body tries to use eating to fill the void in another area of your life.

  1. Water

Often your body doesn’t know the difference with wanting water or food and so often drinking water can actually alleviate cravings. Try a full glass of water instead of giving in to that cookie craving and wait and see if the cravings subside in 10 or 15 minutes.

To find what other amazing things drinking water does for your body, check out my post on eating Real Food & Drinking Water here.

  1. Yin- Yang Imbalance.

Certain foods have different qualities that may cause cravings in your body. For example eating too much sugar which is a yin food may cause a craving for meat which is a yang food. Eating too many raw foods may cause cravings for cooked foods etc.

Want to find out more about what your cravings might really mean? Send me an email at and we can schedule a time to have a complementary health history coaching session.

  1. Inside Coming Out

Often times we may not realize it but we are actually craving foods that we have recently eaten, eaten by our ancestors or favorite foods from our childhood. If these foods are not so healthy to be eaten on a regular basis then try substituting some of them for a healthier alternative.

Want some tips? Check out the facebook group here for new ideas!

  1. Seasonal


I find I totally crave different types of foods depending on the seasons especially when I live in Canada where the seasons are way more pronounced than in places like Australia.

In spring people often crave detoxing foods such as citrus fruits & leafy greens. In summer cooling foods are often craved like ice-cream & raw foods.

In fall have you ever found yourself craving more grounding foods such as squash, onions & nuts? And in winter I totally crave soups and warm cooked foods. Often others crave meat and other fats during this period.

  1. Lack of Nutrients

group of fresh vegetables and herbs

This is actually a really big one. Today even if we are eating clean with lots of fruit and veggies it’s likely that you still are lacking certain vitamins & minerals. If the body is lacking a certain nutrient it may produce odd cravings.

Think you might have a nutritional deficiency? Get in touch at to have chat about some customized laboratory tests to be able to get to the bottom of whether this is an issue for you. Deficiencies can also be slowly causing disease or be the missing link in why you cant lose weight, so being aware of this one is super important.

  1. Hormonal

Hormonal changes and different hormone levels can also cause all sorts of cravings. Fluctuating estrogen & testosterone levels may cause unique cravings as well as a whole bunch of other hormones that may be sending you mixed craving messages.


  1. Self Sabotage

Otherwise known as the upper limit problem I have definitely experienced this in different aspects of my life. It’s when things are going extremely well. You might be doing awesome on a new lifestyle plan and are feeling really good or you may have just landed the biggest client ever and then all of a sudden you get really sick or you get all these cravings and cant possibly stick to your previous plan.

We may start to crave things to bring us back down to where we were comfortable. Being aware of this upper limit or self sabotage problem is the first step and knowing that even some of the most successful people in the world have had to work through an upper limit problem. An amazing resource with heaps of awesome tips if you think this is you is The Big Leap by Gay Hendrick.


Healthy Fats

Another thing that really helps me when I have a food craving is something that the Institute of Integrative Nutrition likes to call crowding out.

So instead of thinking about what is restricted. Thinking “oh I’m craving sugar but I can’t have any” start to think about what you could eat to “crowd out” the sugar that you know isn’t fueling your body well.

Try large salads with some healthy fats like nuts or avocado for making you full and helping you forget about the craving. Healthy fats can really help with sugar cravings as you try and work so much sugar out of your life. Try this awesome Avocado Chocolate Mousse recipe. Its one of my favorites!


Your challenge for today is to start a food journal even if it’s just for today. The idea is to right down how you feel and everything you eat. So you can start to play detective and really see what might be causing your own cravings.

Are any of the eight above resonating with you?


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