What Is DNA Health Testing And Why Should You Care?

dna health testing

DNA health testing is a super exciting field of science that is becoming more popular and affordable.

The best part?

The information you can discover about you can lead to amazing outcomes for your health!

What Is DNA Health Testing?

Have you ever tried a diet that worked so well for your best friend but just did not work for you?
People with different genes need different diets for optimal health.

Or do you know someone that can drink coffee and still fall straight asleep where if you seem to have it after 12 you are awake all night?
There are a couple of genes that determine how coffee affects you.

Do you find it almost impossible to stop at just one piece of chocolate or donut or ice cream whereas your partner can have chocolate in the house for months without touching it?
Yep, there is a gene that affects this too!

Or did you try crossfit because everyone gets results with crossfit but you find that when you try the heavier weights it’s just not for you?
Your genes might mean that you would get better results from endurance style activities (which might still be crossfit, I was just trying to find an example where you might lift heavy weights).

DNA health testing gives us a blueprint so we can design a customised health program just for you. One that works with your biology rather than against it. We can also identify some disease risk factors and help you with:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased focus
  • Eliminating brain fog
  • Building stress resiliency
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Be your healthiest, happiest self.

Your genetics provide a blueprint for your health future and we can use this information to put together a health plan that includes:

    • The right nutrition and supplementation plan for you
    • How to exercise for your body type
    • A sleep strategy to optimise your sleep quality

dna health testing

What about Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenetics (a derivative term for nutritional genetics) is the science of the effect of genetics on your nutritional needs and your response to certain foods.

Nutrigenomics on the other hand is looking at the role of nutrition or of nutrients in gene expression.

So one is looking at the role of your genes on your nutrition and the other is looking at the role what you eat has on the way your genes are expressed. Genetic testing can be super useful in customizing nutritional requirements for the individual. I have been customizing nutritional programs and lifestyle plans for all my clients based on the way they feel and their lifestyle but the field of nutrigenomic helps me explain why you need to find what works for you individually and allows me to add an extra level of specification to our programs. In the past determining what works might have taken some trial and error. Genetic testing helps you figure out what works for your biology faster.

Learn more about these nutrigenetics & nutrigenomics as well as epigenetics HERE>

DNA Health Testing & Weight Loss

A study of 191 obese people found that those on a DNA based diet lost 33 per cent more weight than those counting calories, the European Human Genetics Conference in Milan was told. Participants on a DNA diet also gained more muscle.

According to a Texas A&M study published in the journal Genetics, better weight loss results can be gained by following a diet based on your DNA. The results demonstrated that a diet that makes one individual lean and healthy might have the complete opposite effect on another. The goal of the study was to find the optimal diet. However what they found was that it depends very much on the genetics of the individual and there isn’t one diet that is best for everyone.

So How Does DNA Health Testing Work

An easy to use DNA health testing kit is sent to your home with prepaid shipping. All you need to do is take your saliva sample and ship the kit back to the lab.
When the results come in we take the raw data and send you your report explaining your genetics in each particular category.

Click HERE to see a sample nutrition, supplementation & sleep report.

This information is useful. However next we jump on a call to interpret the results together and come up with an action plan that works in with your goals and lifestyle.

Next, you are sent your action plan and we book in your follow up call so we can check in on how you are doing following the action plan we developed.

Lastly you experience the transformation that happens when you feel empowered to take control of your own health and get the information specific to you.

dna health testing

Who Is DNA Health Testing For?


Even if you think you are eating all the right “healthy” foods they might not be healthy for you. I was eating a lot of healthy coconut products thinking they were healthy for me, when in fact all the saturated fat was just increasing my risk of alzheimers and heart disease (read more about that here).

Since low carb and ketogenic diets are popular at the moment I have actually had a number of clients whose genes are suited to a higher proportion of carbohydrates actually finally start to lose weight and feel so much better by increasing healthy complex carbs.

Knowledge is power and so the more you can learn about you. The better health decisions you can make.

What is the difference between DNA Results & other tests?

I often get asked what is the difference between our DNA Results Program and other DNA health testing kit you can buy online.

There are three big differences between what we do and the direct to consumer tests out there like DNAFit.

1. We look at significantly more genes. These tests usually look at just a few high impact genes, which is still great information, but doesn’t give you the complete picture. The more genes you can look at all together the more you can take a more systems approach and look at your whole body and how the genes are affecting each other rather than just looking at some high impact genes in isolation.

2. Many direct to consumer reports can’t look at genes that may have disease risk implications however this can have a huge impact on the results depending on the person. I did a direct to consumer test where the results said saturated fat would be a good food for me because they weren’t able to look at the APOE gene that has links to dementia and heart disease. Turns out saturated fat doesn’t affect weight gain for me at all however may increase my chances of these diseases and so I should actually stick to <5% of my calories from saturated fat. So there is some key high impact genes that unfortunately they can’t look at.

3. There is no interpretation, so you don’t have someone looking at this, along with your goals and your history and putting together a personalised approach for you. So it’s based on your DNA but not as customised as what we do. Lifestyle plays a big part in your results. We need to take that into account.

Hope this helped any questions let me know in the comments below!

To your health,


P.S.Click HERE to schedule in a time to chat to me to find out whether this may be the right option for you.


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