5 Things We Can Learn From Our DNA To Optimise Our Nutrition

Every year we learn more about nutrition and what to eat to maximise our health and happiness. One thing that becomes clearer the more research I do look at is that customised nutrition is the future. We are quickly realising that we all soo different and that just because one type of diet worked for your friends or family, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

DNA Testing For Health Optimisation

That’s what makes genetic testing and customised health so exciting.

You can skip the trial and error, finding out what works for you and get right to figuring out how to eat for your unique DNA to get results faster. We are now able to identify the most effective diet and supplement plan for you to thrive and achieve your health goals.

So today I wanted to share with you 5 things we can learn about our DNA to optimise our nutrition. There are of course more than these but I will go into those in future blog posts.

1.The Effect Of Coffee On Your Body

Know someone who has coffee all day and then falls right to sleep at night or perhaps the opposite someone who coffee makes anxious, restless and disturbs their sleep? Are you confused by studies that keep coming out first saying it’s good for you and then saying it’s not? The truth is coffee affects different people differently.

For some people coffee can improve daily energy, physical performance and reduce their risk of neurodegenerative diseases. But for others coffee causes sleep disturbances and anxiety. So what can we look at in your genetics?

  • Are you fast or slow metabolizer of coffee?
  • How does your brain respond to caffeine, some people become more anxious and have difficulty focusing with coffee where for others caffeine can improve focus.
  • Is caffeine affecting your sleep?

2. Foods To Optimise Weight Loss

There are a number of genetic variations we look at to help you lose weight faster and easier. In fact researchers from the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) in 2014 found that participants following a diet based on their genetic profile lost 33% more weight than a control group that had a similar calorie count but a non-personalized plan. Genetic taste and food preferences were used to increase not only the effectiveness of the diets but also compliance with them as they were based around what actually worked best for the participants’ body.

Another common genetic variation we can look at in regards to weight loss is the FTO gene which may impact satiety signals meaning that individuals with certain variations of this gene will still feel hungry even after they have eaten enough food. There are a number of other genetic variations we can also look at along with the FTO genes that may be affecting your hunger and satiety levels. Once we know what is happening we can help you work with your biology to help you lose weight rather than work against it with willpower.

3. Supplementation To Optimise Your Health

Should you take supplements and if so which ones? Supplementation can be confusing but looking at your genetics can help us figure out if you are among the 45% of the population who can’t convert beta-carotene from vegetables into vitamin A that your body can actually use?

Or if you are sensitive to sodium and need to reduce your intake.

4. Predisposition To Gluten And/ Or Dairy Intolerance

There are a number of things that can affect your tolerance to gluten and diary. The health of your digestive tract can play a role. So can your DNA. Variants of certain genes can show us your propensity towards lactose intolerance and your potential susceptibility for developing a reaction to gluten in foods.

Results are however based on your predisposition to these tolerances. It is not in place of a diagnostic test.

5.Optimal Carbohydrate And Fat Intake

Carbohydrate and fat can be really confusing, as the advice seems to change all the time. Stop eating fat. Oh actually fat is Ok but just avoid saturated fat. Exclude all carbs.

So what’s the right answer?

Again, bio individuality. Everyone is different.

So when we look at the results of your genetic test we can break down the types of fat that your physiology will tend to respond best to based on your genetic variations and current scientific studies. Saturated fat is essential for immune function; healthy cells and optimised brain function but there can be too much of a good thing depending on your unique genetic variations. Each individual will respond to different types of fat in a different way.

Carbohydrates are similar. They are a very individualized component of the diet and it’s so interesting to see the research in regards to carbohydrate intake and weight loss. Certain people seem to do better on a lower carbohydrate diet while others actually burn more fat with a higher carbohydrate diet.

dna testing for health


Remember however that epigenetics looks at how genetic expression of your genes is controlled. This can be by diet or lifestyle or environment. So what it’s really saying is that you do have some control over your gene expression regardless of what genes you may have inherited. That’s why it’s so exciting to work with you to maximize your health in a way that is customized for your specific circumstances and genetics.

To your health,


P.S. Testing gives us more information to further tailor a specific lifestyle plan to you. This takes a lot of the guesswork out and some of the trial and error associated with diet and lifestyle changes and gets you better results in less time.

Interested in learning more about your genetic testing options? Want to learn how to eat for your genetics to maximise energy and be comfortable in your body?

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