6 Awesome Healthy Dinner Ideas to Give a Try

6 Awesome Healthy Dinner Ideas to Give a Try

Do you struggle with finding new healthy ideas to try for dinner?

I certainly did.

I am one of those people that can seriously eat the same thing over and over again. In saying that I think its great for your body and probably those around you if you can learn a couple of new recipes to mix things up a bit. So I thought I would put together 6 of my favorite recipes online that are not only healthy and full of real food. But are also super delicious.

Although I love going out to dinner, there is nothing quite like a home cooked meal. It’s generally much healthier and restaurants have yet to learn how to really put vitamin L in their food which is one of the best ingredients of home cooked food!


healthy dinner ideas

I love this pasta sauce recipe (I am slightly obsessed with avocados though) but last time I made this I used in on black bean pasta I just recently tried from Costco. Just one ingredient black beans and they were surprisingly good. Give them a try.


healthy dinner ideas

This is super easy to make and super yummy when your looking for some warm comfort food but want to keep it healthy.  When I make this one I replace the margarine with butter as I think its actually so much healthier for you, and I use a little almond meal for the top instead of the breadcrumbs. But you can play around with it to suit your tastes. Check it out HERE.


healthy dinner ideas

I love lots of the recipes on Paleo Leap including this yummy chicken one. I just steam up a whole bunch of veggies like broccoli, kale and cauliflower and serve with this one which has a really yummy mushroomy sauce.


healthy dinner ideas

Zucchini pasta is another super easy one to make and you can actually totally eat this raw or cooked. Here is where I first learnt about zucchini noodles which is another awesome recipe resource.  For a super simple dinner I make these noodles and just my simple tomato veggie pasta sauce which is simply adding all the following to a saucepan (you can totally add ground beef too). Onion and garlic sautéed in some coconut oil, any veggies I have in the house such as broccoli, carrots, sun dried tomatoes work great too chuck them in the saucepan then add in tomato paste and water to get a saucey consistency. Add in herbs & spices and your set!!


healthy dinner ideas

I love stuffed potatoes for an awesome easy, filling and tasty dinner idea. This recipe is great although I personally prefer using a sweet potato rather than another kind. This is really good with bocconcini or goats cheese as well!


healthy dinner ideas

Beets and goats cheese is such an awesome combination and this is a great spring salad made by my friend Malika over at everythingsbettersprouted. I combine it with some baked or BBQ’s salmon for an awesome light but filling dinner.

I hope you find the above recipes give you something new to try!

Your challenges for today are:
1. Try a new recipe; and
2. To check in again on have you been drinking water?

I hope you are starting to feel great :) Have an awesome weekend!!

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