How To Build Consistent Healthy Lifestyle Habits

How do we build consistent Healthy Lifestyle Habits? 

Knowledge is power.

I do truly believe that but we need more than just knowledge to get results and build consistent healthy lifestyle habits.

Action is where the magic happens. So along with Sarah over at Whole Health Lab I have been on a mission to investigate why people do what they do when they know what they know. What are the missing pieces to really help people take action, keep consistent health habits and get the results they want.

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It’s not what you do once in a while that matters but the little things you do everyday.

So Sarah and I have been interviewing wellness experts around the world asking them this very question.

“Why do people do what they do when they know what they know?”

Each of the experts then shared their top tips for actually building healthy lifestyle habits and maintaining them.

Without constantly relying on willpower.

Because willpower fades in and out throughout the day. It can be dependent on how well you slept last night or how stressful your day is. Decision fatigue is a documented phenomenon. Maybe you have experienced it yourself.

In the morning you make decisions with easy, stick to your habits and finding healthy lifestyle habits effortless. By the afternoon those healthy decisions become harder and harder to make. By the evening even the best intentions go out the window.

In fact a research study published by the National Academy of Sciences, looked at judges responsible for approving criminals for parole and the factors that impacted their decisions. What they determined was that the time of day had the biggest impact on the outcome of the rulings. At the beginning of the day a judge was likely to give a favorable ruling about 65 percent of the time. However by the end of the day the percentage of favorable rulings would fall to zero! This research looked at over 1,100 cases and it didn’t seem to matter what the crime was. The only other thing that influenced this was when the judges got time to eat. After lunch the favorable ruling percentage jumped up to 65% again before slowly heading back down to zero.

So if willpower is out how do we create consistent healthy lifestyle habits over time?

How do we take what we know and turn it into what we do?

Wellness Expert Answers

Let’s see what the experts have to say. Sarah and I interviewed 20+ wellness experts in short 7 minute interviews and asked them all to:

  1. Share with us their top tips for implementing one the Clean Living Pillars, Clean Eating, Movement or Mindfulness.
  2. Explain why we do what we do when we know what we know and share with us their number 1 strategy they use in their own life and with their clients to making sustainable, lasting healthy lifestyle habits!

Click HERE to access all of the interviews for FREE. They are just 7 minutes long so each of our experts had to jump right to the actionable tips you can use today to transform your health.

Here are just a few of their answers to question number 2.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Know Your Why & Find Your Value Connector

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Author of the Real Food Grocery Guide Maria Marlowe find that “the most important thing people can do to really stick to consistent health habits is to know your why.”

Connecting to why you want to make the change helps you maintain habits when the going gets tough or willpower is low. Make sure you go at least 3 levels into asking yourself why.

For example if you want to lose weight. Ask why?
Maybe its because you want to look and feel better. Ok why?
Because then I will feel more confident at work and with my partner. Ok why?
So I can show up as my best both at work and in my relationships.

Another way of really getting to your why is the Merrymaker Sisters Emma & Carla’s best tip which is find your value connector. These women are health coaches, happiness creators and authors of a best selling recipe book that is amazing! They suggest find what you value the highest and then link health habits to how these will impact that value. So maybe it’s your family or your business. Write down how your new health habits are going to impact your value to access a higher level of motivation.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

I love the Jim Rohn quote “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” and Dr Isaac Jones, founder of Elevays Health says he has seen just how true this is both in his own health and business journey and that of his clients.

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Surrounding yourself with likeminded, healthy people can be transformational. So finding a walking group or an online community can help you stay on track.

He also recommends going public with your goals and your health journey for some extra support from those around you.

Pick Just One Thing

These days we all want everything now!

But Dr Rudy, Integrative Health Practitioner, advises instead to focus on one thing at a time. Your health journey is more of a marathon than a sprint. Going to fast to quickly can lead to overwhelm. Start on your mindset and then add one new health habit at a time as you go.

Track Your Time & Get Organised

One of the things that has been transformational for Personal Trainer, author of CAN’T’ LOSE: 14 Winning Weight-Loss Secrets For Women Who Think They Can’t Lose Weight and Founder of Make Your Body Work, Dave Smith is to see where exactly you are spending your time.

Track your time for just one week, every minute and see where it goes. Are you spending time on the things that matter to you? Are there things you are spending time on that don’t align with your values?

Awareness leads to change.

Dr Matthew Accurso of Elevays Health also attributes organization and time management to keeping healthy lifestyle habits on track. He recommends making sure your schedule is planned out in advance and includes the health habits you are committed to such as exercise or grocery shopping.

Have a Mentor & Know What Accountability You Need

This one can be soo helpful and it’s Triathlon world champion and coach Phil Mosely’s top tip to maintaining consistent health habits that get results. Having someone help you put together a plan and the accountability to stick to it helps to prevent overwhelm that comes with overthinking everything. It makes it simpler to know what to focus on and helps you stay on track.

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The Clean Living in 7 Interview Series

Think these tips are valuable?

If so, I would love for you to check out our free video wellness interview series Clean Living in 7. 7 minute interviews on Clean Living, Movement, Mindfulness and Behavior Change.

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