How Many Is Too Many Healthy Treats?

I love a good healthy treat, bliss balls, homemade chocolate and more.

But it’s easy to think that because they are healthy and made from all real ingredients that you can eat as many as you like.

And unfortunately for most of us, we need to eat even these healthy foods in moderation.

Now making your own dessert or chocolate treat is soo much better for you than anything you can buy in the shops. They make a great transition if you are working on reducing your sugar consumption and I have a bunch of great recipes I love to make when I am craving something sweet. Like these choc maca protein balls. 

But most of these clean treats still include a large number of dates or sweeteners such as maple syrup or honey. These are natural foods, but still sources of sugar and so they need to be consumed in moderation.

I also like to make a big batch of bliss balls or treats and then freeze them. That way they aren’t sitting in my fridge, tempting me to eat more than one.

When buying “healthy” snacks and treats, watch out for labels such as healthy, gluten-free, raw and natural. These words are often not regulated and so these labels don’t actually guarantee a clean ingredient list. So make sure you are checking in on what’s actually been added.

My number one rule, if you are having any sort of treat, healthy or otherwise, is to enjoy it!

Guilt is not a vitamin and if you are going to have a cookie.

Then choose the best cookie you can and enjoy it.

To your health,




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