How to Lose Weight Naturally – Why Habits are so Important!

How to Lose Weight Naturally - Why Habits are so Important!

Because diets don’t work!

Research (and I’m sure lots of your own experiences) have found that almost all diets will help you lose weight, whether it’s a vegan diet or a paleo diet but a huge amount of people just put on more weight once they stop dieting.

This leads to yo-yo dieting which is not great for your body or your mind. Failing to lose weight over and over again is crushing to your self-esteem. I know! I have been on a lot of diets in the past. Like a lot! (Thats a whole other post).

Researchers at UCLA reviewed 31 long-term studies on the effectiveness of dieting and concluded that dieting is actually a consistent predictor of weight gain. Up to two thirds of people regain more weight that they lost.

You body doesn’t like dieting. Or any restriction. So how to lose weight naturally? 

how to lose weight naturally

Imagine if all the people in the world that are dieting put that energy into something else, a passion project or service to others imagine what we could create and what we could do?

So many of us who are trying to lose weight know what we should be doing or at least what we are doing that is not helping us lose weight.

Why do we eat ice-cream even when we know the effect it has on our bodies? Or overeat until we are absolutely stuffed at each meal.

Trying to stick to restrictive diets may work for some people, but if your like me and have already tried every diet out there and gained the weight back at some stage afterwards, then you might be ready to start trying to work on your lifestyle habits instead of the exact calories or fat or carbohydrates you are consuming. Lifestyle habits are how to lose weight naturally and keep it off for life!

Now there is just one thing about building sustainable weight loss habits and by the word habit I mean you don’t have to think about it. It’s a behavior that’s on autopilot.

And that one thing is, the weight is going to come off slower than you would like. We all want it to come off quickly. Yep All of Us! However if you are going to actually keep it off this time then you need to be making changes that you can maintain forever. So if you are trying to be vegan but you crave meat every day that might not be a life long sustainable diet for you.

Here are some tips to get your self started on how to lose weight naturally and build sustainable weight loss habits.
how to lose weight naturally

1. Use Smaller Plates

This one has actually been shown to not only help you eat less but it actually tricks your brain into feeling more satiated. Your brain thinks that you have actually eaten more than you have! Don’t feel like buying smaller plates well try filling half your plate first with veggies. First!

There has to be limited room on the plate to be able to fill with whatever else you want to eat. The first half is allocated just to vegetables

2. Keep Water With You At All Times

A habit of drinking more water is much easier to develop if you always have water on hand. Keep a bottle handy throughout the day and watch how much more you drink.

3. Habit Stack Your New Habit

(Thanks to James Clear for this suggestion). So what this means is attaching the new habit you want to build to an existing habit so every time you check your phone have a sip of water. Or everytime you get in an elevator you do 10 calf raises.

4. Make Healthy Foods Super Accessible

Make healthy foods super accessible in your house and easy to get at. Make foods you don’t want to eat too often hard to access so wrap that left over cake a couple of times in foil so that you cant see it and be tempted and its hard to access.

5. Start With Changes You Can Sustain

Just choose one new healthy habit per week and make them small. Lets say you want to get into an exercise routine well start with 10 squats first thing in the morning or my new habit of doing a 7 minute workout before I have breakfast each day. 7 minutes or 10 squats is soo easy to squeeze into even the busiest morning.

6. Change Your Environment 

My favorite Tip! The New England Journal of Medicine did a study on 12,067 people to look at the effect of your social circle on your weight. What they found was that you were 57% more likely to become obese if you had obese friends. Crazy right! So try a social class or get some accountability so you can work on busting the weight together.

Want to learn more about how you can change your lifestyle habits to lose weight without dieting, without restriction and keep it off for life?

Remember Information is Nothing with ACTION!

how to lose weight naturally


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