Hydra Cup Review

There used to be a time when a shaker bottle was a just shaker bottle.

That time is over!

There used to be no difference between them except that some leaked and others didn’t 🙂 remember those days? The first time someone asked me to recommend a shaker bottle I just answered choose any of them, they are all similar right?

Today is a different story. There are so many shaker bottles to choose from which don’t leak and have different options. We have simple shaker bottles, ones with rubber grips, with clips, and now even with separate compartments. So you can now carry your keys or credit card in your shaker bottle among other things (Love this feature!!)

So today we will be talking about the Hydra Cup 2.0. So let’s get straight into our Hydra Cup review…

Hydra Cup Review – What On Earth Is The Hydra Cup 2.0?

We start off the Hydra Cup review with talking about the name of this product. Seems like a really strange name for a shaker bottle doesn’t it? But I guess they named it that because it has multiple heads! Either way, let’s talk about this funky looking shaker.

The Hydra Cup 2.0 is a pretty neat shaker bottle. It has two separate half’s to it which gives you the option of putting two separate drinks in the one shaker bottle, fill both half’s with the same drink, fill one side with ice to keep your drink cold or use half as a protein shake and the other half as storage. It also has a strainer included which means that you don’t have to deal with nasty protein powder chunks.

These are some pretty handy features. I love having this with me and then I can split up my smoothie into two separate snack times rather than drinking it all at once. When its all together in one shaker although I start off thinking I’m just going to drink half, I almost always finish the whole thing. Just one of the reasons I love this feature!

Speaking of features, here are some more:

  • BPA Free
  • Leak proof
  • Solid lid hinges
  • Multiple color options
  • Two compartments
  • You can use one of the compartments as storage
  • Strains out protein lumps for lump free drinks
  • 28 ounce bottle
  • 100% manufactured, designed, and assembled in the USA

Available Size

The Hydra Cup 2.0 comes in two size. And they are big sizes! They are 28 ounces and 30 ounces! While this may be great for many users, some that like a smaller shaker will be turned off by this. This shaker is not quite as convenient to carry as some other brands, but many people don’t mind.

Available Colors

While there is not a range of sizes to choose from, there are a range of colors to satisfy pretty much anyone. The colors that are available are:

  • Original (image at the top of this page)
  • Black
  • Pink (My fav!)
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Gold

The Hydra Cup 2.0 Shortfalls

While we really like the Hydra Cup overall, there are a couple of little things that could be changed to really make this shaker amazing. They are:

  • They should also offer a smaller sized shaker cup instead of only having a large size
  • Can be a little hard to clean if you leave your protein shake in it and let it dry. No problem if you clean it sooner (helps you get in the habit of cleaning it right away!)
  • Would be good if they tweaked the shape of the Hydra Cup to make it a little easier to pour in the protein powder. Right now it can be a little difficult to pour in your protein powder without spilling some

What The Hydra Cup 2.0 Does Really Well

If you can look past the couple of shortfalls of the Hydra Cup 2.0, we think that you will love it. It really is an awesome cup which is super convenient with its storage compartment and offering the ability to carry multiple drinks. Here is what else the Hydra Cup does really well:

  • Nice to hold and feels like it is good quality
  • Can use one of the lids as a protein scoop – great if you forgot your scoop or lost it
  • Holds its liquid – doesn’t leak
  • Looks great
  • Made in the USA

Where To Buy Hydra Cup 2.0

Now we come to an end of our Hydra Cup review. And we think that if you do choose to buy Hydra Cup 2.0 you’ll love it. It is a great shaker cup.

Anyway, back to the question of where to buy Hydra Cup. We have looked both in stores and online and have found that the best price to buy Hydra Cup is on Amazon.com. It seems to be far cheaper than other sources and as an added bonus, if you spend $35 or more on Amazon, you will get free shipping. (I know I love Amazon and totally wish we had it in Australia!)

If you are interested and want to buy Hydra Cup 2.0, click on the “Buy Now” button below.

Hydra Cup 2.0

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