Jet Lag Prevention Tips

Jet lag prevention. I was talking to a client this week about her upcoming flight. She was flying in a couple of different timezones and so she was worried about jet lag. She’s suffered a lot from jet lag in the past. And it ends up really messing with her whole system for a good few days. Sometimes a week and it can be a real problem. This gave me the idea to make this video. To talk through some of the tips I gave her to help with jet lag prevention.

First of all, jet lag isn’t a given. Change your mindset. Even if you’ve suffered from jet lag before it doesn’t mean that you’re going to suffer from jet lag every single flight. I fly really often between Australia and Canada which is a huge timezone change. Multiple timezones. Pretty much on the other side of the world and I never get a jet lag. Both ways exactly the same. It’s fine when I go from Perth to Vancouver and from Vancouver back to Perth. I settle into the new timezone really well. There’s a few things that I make sure I do every single flight that I think help with this.

What are my 5 top tips for jet lag prevention?

1. Jet Lag Prevention Tip – Drink More Water

The first tip for jet lag prevention is a really simple one. This one sounds easy but lots of people jump on the flight and completely forget about drinking water. Especially if you don’t bring your own drink bottle on the flight it can often be hard to get enough water from the flight attendants especially when you’re doing a trip such as Canada to Australia. It takes me sometimes 28 to 36 hours to get all the way from Perth to Vancouver. Bringing your own water bottles with you or buying once you get through the section of the airport where in you’re allowed to bring in liquids. Buy yourself a big bottle of water to make sure that you’re able to drink enough. Honestly, flights are really dehydrating and water makes a big difference.

2. Don’t drink alcohol

I know this is a real boring tip but it really helps. It kind of goes along with the drinking water. Flying is really dehydrating. It kind of doesn’t make you feel good on the other side anyway. When you don’t drink enough water combined with drinking alcohol on the flight, it has this cumulative effect to just not really make you feel great when you get there. Save your drinks for a fun night out when you get to your destination and skip them on the flight.

3. Watch What You Eat

Even if you’re not flying halfway across the world. If you have a day where you eat lots of junkies, salty, preservative-filled foods, you’re not going to feel that great at the end of the day. Yet we jump on an airplane, which is already really stressful on our body and we do exactly that. We have the extra candy because we’re on the flight. The in-flight meals are often really salty and dehydrating. We maybe get some snacks that we wouldn’t usually eat and so we kind of putting all the added stressors on our body.

When you are flying and I know this can be a little stressful time on your body and it’s going to need an extra care. Fill it full with lots of healthy food. And if this means bringing your own snacks, buying a salad at the airport before you get on your flight, taking the vegetarian meal, sometimes you get a fruit salad for breakfast instead of the sausages and bacon (they’re really salty foods). These are some tips to really make sure that you’re giving your body the best chance of feeling good once you get to your destination.

4. Get Some Rest

Whenever I get on the plane I like to adjust to my new timezone pretty much as soon as I get on the plane. I’m talking about those really long haul flights like Canada to Australia. It’s not the same when you’re crossing a couple of timezones. Especially when you’re going for a really long haul flights I like to pretend I’m in the new timezone as soon as I get on the plane. So that means that if it’s night time in my new destination, I rest on the plane. And sometimes I’m not tired. Sometimes I would prefer to watch a movie or maybe play with my phone or do some work.

But I really like to feel good in the destination as soon as I get there. I really love never experiencing jet lag. I love being able to get to a new location and go and explore right away. So, when I get on the plane, if it’s night time in the new location, I rest. And that means that even if you’re not tired you close your eyes and you lay back in your chair and you just relax. It really helps getting into the new timezone as soon as possible. So sleep when you can. So if you can’t sleep, just rest. It really does make a big difference when you then get to your new timezone.

5. Choose the right flight

This one too can really help with jet lag prevention. For really long flights especially, I like to get into my destination maybe 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon or similar. I am currently along in the Amalfi Coast in Italy and I am flying back to Perth, Australia next week. My flight arrives in Perth at 5 pm which is a really great time because even if you’ve rested and you’ve really chilled out in the flight, by the time you get to your new destination, you’re often really tired.

When I get to Perth I make sure that right away I’d have something healthy to eat, chill out, catch up with family and then go to bed on a normal Perth time. You really need to try and schedule your flights so that you get into a time that allows you to stay awake until you can go to bed in a new timezone. I really think that going to bed in a new timezone for that first day sets you up to feel good the next day.

Sometimes having that extra hundred dollars or something for a better time to fly can so be worth it because it just means that you feel so much better when you arrive in the new destination and can get into the new timezone much faster. If you have ever gotten to your new timezone first thing in the morning and couldn’t stay awake all day, you probably had a sleep during the day. Then when it comes to bed time, you can’t sleep. Try and avoid this situation and pick the right flight.

In Conclusion

Hopefully these jet lag prevention tips were useful. If you use these tips and still get jet lag, I would love to hear from you. Let me know on the comments below. Or if you’ve got a go-to tip for jet lag prevention that works really well for you, I would also love to hear about that.

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