Why I Love Homemade Larabars & Quest Bars

Why I Love Homemade Larabars & Quest Bars

Yep, it’s no secret that I love to make energy bars & protein bars. Especially once mountain biking & hiking season gets going. Homemade energy bars are the perfect snack to take with you to keep your energy levels high without any chemical additives or nasties that are not going to make you feel good or do your body any good!

Well it’s finally getting nice outside and so we have been out and about on our bikes finally!!

And that also means I have been back making more energy bars again (and trying not eat too many of them, because they are sooo yummy!!!)

So I thought I would post up a couple of my favorite recipes that I use over and over again which are my homemade larabars & homemade quest bars. I love both these recipes because they are super easy to make. And super easy to take out on the trails with you. You can also mix up the flavors depending on what you have in the house. I have a whole range of Larabar & Quest Bar recipes in my Prepare, Sustain & Recover Ebooks. Check them out HERE.

But here are two flavors to get you started with the ingredients list and a how to video!  Get some made today ready for the workouts we are going to be learning about next week in the 30 Day Challenge!

Homemade Larabars
coconut cream

Larabars are super easy to make and this one here is my favorite! I also love making the apple flavor & the cacao coconut.
You can easily substitute the nuts I have used here for your favorite nuts, macadamias would work really well in this one!

I also sometimes roll the mixture into balls instead of bars as well if I want to have a smaller snack on hand for when I have a big day of writing in front of the computer or something else where I just want to be able to grab a healthy snack.

Coconut Cream Larabar

– 100g medjool dates
– 10g unsweetened desiccated coconut
– 40g raw almonds
– 40g raw cashews
– 10g virgin coconut oil

Homemade Quest Bars

mixed berry
Have you tried a Quest Bar? They seem to be so many peoples favorite however I have to admit when I tried a store bought Quest Bar I was not impressed. But the homemade ones? Awesome! And seriously you can make them in any different flavor you like. I love making the chocolate one because they are super easy but I do like the mixed berry ones too. Check out my video below for the how to.

– 30g IMO (3 teaspoons)*
– 25g vanilla protein powder
– 5g almond meal or coconut flour
– 10g small pieces of chopped dried blueberries & strawberries
– 10g virgin coconut oil

* If a whey protein powder is used then add 40g of IMO. If you are using a vegan protein powder stick to 30g.
IMO is isomalto-oligosaccharides which is a prebiotic fiber that you can buy in a liquid or powder form to add to your own homemade quest bars to give them the quest bar texture. Its about 60% if the sweetness of sucrose and is essentially just a liquid carbohydrate completely devoid of vitamins, minerals,fats and proteins that goes straight through you. A “digestion resistant carb”.

Some More Favorite Energy Bar Recipes
yum with bike
decorating action shot

Since its Sunday today there is no challenge except to feel awesome for adding more real foods & water to your week. But feel free to try out a new protein bar recipe if your up for it! I would love to see your bars if you do make some so share some pics in the facebook group HERE.


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  1. Wow, I had no idea that it was so easy to make Larabars! I tried your coconut cream larabar a few days back and they actually turned out great which was a big surprise to me. Do you have any other larabar recipes?

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