Most Effective HIIT Workouts On The Planet

Most Effective HIIT Workouts On The Planet

Looking for the most effective HIIT workouts? High-Intensity-Interval-Training, or HIIT, is one of the biggest trends in fitness today. Since the 1970’s, athletes have been using HIIT to develop endurance capabilities. HIIT is mainly characterized by short bursts of intense, rapid, high-energy anaerobic exercise movements followed by short low-activity exercises. Even the most effective HIIT workouts can be done for as little as 10 minutes. Without including the warm-up and cool down routines.

Fitness professionals consider the most effective HIIT workouts to be more effective than regular cardio exercises due to the higher intensity of movements that result to a higher fat burning rate. It also develops higher anaerobic and aerobic endurance. Other benefits of HIIT training are increased metabolism, requires less time and can oftentimes be done with minimal or without bulky exercise equipment. HIIT exercises are even great for when you are traveling or hard-pressed for time.

We often get asked, “can you do HIIT everyday?” The answer depends on what kind of HIIT you are doing and how many weights you use. If you are doing a regular 7 minute workout for example, you can do HIIT everyday. However, if you are using heavy weights, your body will need a little time to recover. So I would suggest doing those find of HIIT workouts around 3 times a week.

Ok, so lets get into it, the most effective HIIT Workouts… The following workout routines can give you the fat burning, endurance-building effect of HIIT training.

Most Effective HIIT Workouts: Walk/Sprint or Jog/Sprint Workout

Probably the simplest of all HIIT exercises and can be done almost anywhere. No equipment required. Start with a 3 minute regular walk for warm-up. After warming up, do a 30-second sprint immediately followed by a 30-second walk. Do this routine for 8 rounds, by which time you should be starting to feel the burn. Push yourself for another 4 to 5 rounds before cooling down with a 2 or 3 minute walk. You can increase the number of rounds to build up your endurance.

Alternatively, if you feel that you are advanced enough, you can do the jog-sprint combination. After warming up, you can jog for 30 seconds, and then do a fast sprint for another 30 seconds. Then jog again for 30 seconds. Start with 10 rounds, and slowly increase the number as you progress. For a more challenging workout, lessen the recovery time between sprints.

HIIT Burpees Workout

A burpee is a modified form of squat thrust. Although a difficult exercise, many swear the effectiveness of HIIT burpees as they involve a full-body workout. They focus on core strength and toning the lower limbs. How to do HIIT burpees? From a standing position, bend your knees and the hips. Squat downward until your palms touch the floor, then immediately kick back your legs assuming a push-up position. Then, immediately reverse the movements, and quickly jump up when you are on the squat position. For a Tabata workout, do the HIIT burpees for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. Do this for 8 reps, finishing your workout in 4 minutes.

Endless Pushups/Squats Workout

For an easy but effective workout, try doing 10 fast push ups then rest for 30 seconds. As you progress, lessen your recovery period by 10 seconds at every stage.  Another variation of this workout is to do air squats. This may sound easy, but the number of repetitions is what makes it intense. Like the pushup, do 10 squats then rest for 30 seconds between reps.  Do as many rounds as you can until you feel that you have reached your limit.

Sit Ups/Jumping Jack Workout

Mostly done by athletes, this workout involves performing 10 sit ups and then doing 10 jumping jacks or vertical leaps. When doing the jumps, try to reach as high as you can and going way down to a squatting position before jumping up again. Visualize yourself as one giant spring ready to bounce up after being fully compressed. You then rest for 30 seconds, up to a minute, in between repetitions.

Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells are great tools to exercise in a full range of motion. After a 10 minute brisk walk, do 5 sets of 10-30 seconds intense swings with the kettlebell followed by 30 to 45 seconds of rest. You can also incorporate a number of HIIT burpees, depending on your fitness level, before resting between reps. Another 10 minutes of brisk walking will do the trick to cool you down.

Heavy Rope Workout

Warm-up by doing 5 minutes of regular jumping rope. Tie heavy ropes to a stable post or anything heavy and immovable. Make sure that each rope is of the same equal length when tied when you grab each end. With both hands, whip up the rope at the same time. The intensity and height of the ropes’ movement will depend on how high you can comfortably raise your arm during the exercise. Do this for a minute, rest for another minute, then repeat for 10 reps. After this, whip the ropes in different directions, one hand should be on the upswing while the other is on the downswing, and the movement will come from the arms. Again, do this for one minute on, then one minute off for 10 repetitions. Cool down by doing 5 minutes of moderate jump ropes.

Sled Workout

Mainly done by athletes, start by doing a warm-up jog for 10 minutes. Attach a rope to a weighted sled and tie that rope to a weight belt placed around your waist. Step forward until there is no slack in the rope and start to move forward, placing your foot in front of your body mass. Your body should remain straight at all times, letting your weight pull the sled. As you progress, drag the sled by sprinting for 10-30 seconds, with a 2 to 3 minutes brisk walking in between intervals. 5 reps should do the trick. A 10-minute brisk walk is enough for a cool down.

Treadmill Workout

Another of the most effective HIIT workouts is the treadmill workout. With the sudden popularity of HIIT, treadmills have become less appealing.  Who wants to do those long walks or slow jogs on them anyway? However, treadmills are far from being obsolete. You can adapt by doing this workout routine. Start with some light jogging for about three minutes to warm-up. For beginners, you can do 20 seconds of intense work interspersed with 40 seconds of recovery period, for 10 reps. You can increase the work by 10 seconds and decrease the recovery period by the same amount of time as you advance with your training. After your workout, cool-down by doing 3 minutes of walking on the treadmill.

Stationary Bikes Workout

As with treadmills, stationary bikes offer the similar HIIT opportunities. Warm up by biking at regular speed for about 2 to 3 minutes. Start with a 20-second burst of speed, followed by 40 seconds of low speed pedaling. Again, the whole routine consists of 10 reps, for a workout period of 10 minutes. As your endurance increases, adopt the 10-second addition and subtraction to the intense burst and recovery time. After this, do a 3-minute cool down with regular speed.

Circuit Training Workout

The finial of our most effective HIIT workouts is circuit training. Circuit training involves three or more exercises that are done consecutively. For example, you can do Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks and alternating lunges in three sets. You can start by doing 10 repetitions of each for a set. Repeat the rounds by adding 5 more reps, then finishing up with 20 reps of each exercise. Don’t rest until after you’ve done all three sets. After completing them, do some low-intensity exercise like jogging in place, brisk walking or moderate jumping ropes to cool down.

The most effective HIIT workouts can increase your body’s metabolism and its ability to burn fat according to RealEnergyFood. It can also build up muscles, strengthen your core and target hard to tone areas. However, due to the intensity of the movements, people who do HIIT are can suffer from injuries. Never ever perform HIIT workouts without properly warming up. Also, remember to cool down after doing these exercises. The best way to avoid injuries is to always listen to your body. Your body will tell you when to stop. Suffering injuries while training will definitely set you back from reaching your fitness goals. Always keep your workouts injury-free.

If you have any questions or want to add a workout to this list of the most effective HIIT workouts on the planet, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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