Nutri Bullet Blender Reviews

Nutri Bullet Reviews

Some think that blenders are all the same. Why spend more when you can buy a cheaper one? There are so many reasons why paying more for the right blender has many advantages. Especially if you are using your blender more than a couple of times a week. Quality, features, power output, and mixing power are all things that differ between cheap blenders and the good ones. And so does the end result of what you are mixing. The other big thing for me is if it’s easy to use I’m more likely to use it. So if I have a blender that leaks, doesn’t blend things properly or just doesn’t work it ends up hiding away in the cupboard gathering dust. If I have a blender that chops through everything, is easy to use and easy to clean I’m much more likely to use it each day to make yummy, healthy smoothies!

Today we will be talking about the Nutri Bullet Blender.

So on to our Real Energy Food Nutri Bullet Blender reviews…

Nutri Bullet Blender Reviews – What Is The Nutri Bullet Blender?

The Nutri Bullet Blender is possibly the top selling blender on the market right now and for good reason, it is awesome! It has got a really powerful motor (600 watts) which means that it can chop through pretty much anything. The Nutri Buller Blender also uses a cyclonic action and has patented extractor blades. And what this mumbo jumbo means is that it blends really well and to a really fine consistency. It basically pulverizes stems, seeds, and skins when most other blenders don’t.

It also comes with multiple cups, lids, and blades. This means that you can take your shakes on the go easily. And it is also super easy to use and to clean.

Nutri Bullet Blender Features

  • BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher safe cups and lids
  • Cracks open seeds and smashes through stems
  • Can handle tough skins
  • 600 watt motor
  • 1 year warranty
  • Volume capacity – 3 Cups
  • Can be used as a shredder, blender, grinder, and chopper
  • Weighs 3.6 lbs

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 power base
  • 1 milling blade
  • 1 extractor blade
  • 1 large cup
  • 2 small cups
  • 2 resealable lids
  • 1 regular lip ring
  • 1 handled lip ring
  • 1 user manual and cookbook
  • 1 pocket nutritionist

Nutri Bullet Blender Shortfalls

This is an awesome product and to be honest, I couldn’t find anything wrong with it if you just want a personal blender to make smoothies and shakes. Its not as powerful as the Vitamix though if you are wanting to make nut butters or nut milks. The Nutri Bullet will manage these but they will definitly take a bit longer to make and the Nutri Bullet will struggle a little more.

We also looked online to see if anyone else had some issues with the Nutri Bullet Blender. The only thing we found was some isolated reports of poor customer service. We haven’t dealt with their customer service so cannot comment here.

What The Nutri Bullet Blender Does Really Well

Nutri Bullet Blender Reviews
While there wasn’t much that we didn’t like about the Nurti Bullet Blender, there was lots that we did like. They include the following:

  • The unit looks great
  • Works really well – blends like a mad man
  • Compact – doesn’t take up a lot of room in your kitchen
  • Comes with different size cups and lids
  • Proven results
  • Super convenient and easy to use, just take a shake with you and easy to clean!

Where To Buy Nutri Bullet Blender

Now that you have read our review and probably many other Nutria Bullet blender reviews online, you are probably ready to buy Nutri Bullet for yourself.

As you are probably aware, you can buy Nutri Bullet Blender in many stores both online and offline.

In our research, we found that the cheapest place to buy Nutri Bullet is in fact (we have linked this for your convenience). You can also click the “Buy Now” button below.

Plus if you order from Amazon, you get Free Shipping which is pretty awesome.

So there you have it. We hope you found our Nutri Bullet Blender reviews useful. Until next time.

Nutri Bullet Reviews

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