Pineapple Energy Chews


I tried my first energy chew on a mountain bike ride with some friends and to be honest they tasted pretty good. But when I tried to use them for a 90km road bike race as part of a team half iron man event they just made me feel sick. They were just too sweet and I knew I had to learn how to make my own!

So here is my recipe for pineapple chia energy chews.


1 small can of pineapple – mine was 437 grams

1 cup water

1/2 cup chia seeds (85g)

1 cup turbinado sugar

1/8 cup agar  (11g)

1 cup brown rice syrup

3/4 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp baking soda


Blend the canned pineapple, or totally use fresh if you have it, so you are left with pretty much pineapple juice. You can use pineapple juice or any other flavoured juice instead here as well. Add it to a large mixing bowl.

Add the water and the chia seeds and put in the fridge for about an hour so the chia seeds get start to get a gel like consistency.

Then transfer this mix to a large saucepan and add the other ingredients.

Ok so now you need to keep an eye on it. I don’t have a candy thermometer so I didn’t use one and my chews turned out awesome but I did keep an eye on it the whole time while it was on the stover. So turn it on medium heat and wait for it to start to bubble. Mine looked like this.

energy chew

Keep it bubbling just like this and keep stirring for 10 minutes. Then take it off the heat and pour it into either a baking pan or silicon dish to set.

energy chew

Put your mixture into the fridge and let it set. I let mine set overnight. The mix will need a few hours. Then once it set I just pushed the whole mixture out onto a cutting board and cut it into small cubes. Keep in the fridge or freeze like I do to make them last longer. They didn’t turn out sticky at all and are great for taking on my runs but you could also roll them in a little sugar if you wanted to. I did some for the pictures below but to be honest I just really like them as is.

energy chew

Let me know what you think, have you got a favorite chia recipe? Want to make more delicious energy snacks? Check out my FREE Energy Bar Starter Kit! 

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