Rejuvenate To Health

Rejuveate To Health

Rejuvenate to Health Group Program 
with Karen Wojciechowski & Sarah Klein

Want to kick start your health and really skyrocket energy levels with a group of people all in the same place as you working to the same goals?

Well our Rejuvenate to Health Program may be the one for you!

During the 6 week online program you will learn:

  • How to lose weight sustainably – no more dieting, learn lifestyle strategies that will last
  • Skyrocket energy levels – do you need a coffee or three to get you through the day? Do you even remember what it was like to wake up energized? You will soon!
  • Stop cravings – cravings can totally derail your weight loss efforts so lets deconstruct your cravings and learn strategies so you can say goodbye to your cravings and feel good about what your eating
  • Techniques to reduce stress – its often the missing piece to meeting your weight loss goals. Without addressing this your body may hold onto weight no matter what else you are doing!

All from the convenience of your own home with accountability and support from Sarah & I, as well as a whole network of like minded people.

Recipes, resources, ideas and habit transformation as well email access to Sarah and I, a private facebook group where you can ask questions and keep us posted of your progress and a bonus one on one call with Sarah or I to make sure you are set up with your goals and progressing the way you want to be.

For full details and testimonials click HERE

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Hi, I'm Karen and I work with busy people just like you every day to help them boost energy levels, lose weight, clear up their skin and improve their health through finding the right foods that work for their unique body. My 1-on-1 and group health coaching programs focus on a customized plan for you that fits into your lifestyle and is right for your body. We focus on whole foods and building sustainable habits to transform your life. No dieting, no scales and no feeling deprived. Ready to embrace healthy eating and feel better in your body? Ready to stop feeling tired all the time? Come over and say hello in the Real Energy Food Facebook Group

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