Tools to Get Started

Making your own energy snacks at home doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact it’s super easy and once you get into the habit of making your own you will never look back. It’s amazing how much the food we eat affects our energy level. And our energy level affects every other aspect of our life and has such a big impact on our mood.

So what are some basic tools you need to get started?

1. A food processor, mini whiz or blender


2. A food scale, measuring cups and some sort of mixing bowl

energy snacks
3. A good quality protein powder
(Need some further information on whats a good quality protein powder?)
energy snacks
4. A really good quality cacao
(this is my favorite check it out here or want more information on cacao?)
energy snacks

5. Coconut Everything (oil, flour,sugar)
Want to know why?
energy snacks
Other staple ingredients to have in the cupboard are; medjool dates, an awesome nut butter (make sure the only ingredient is the nuts), rolled oats and chia seeds (I love making everything with chia, check out my chia pudding here).
energy snacks
Want to learn how to use all these awesome ingredients to make your own energy snacks at home? Check out my FREE Energy Bar Starter Kit!

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