Vitamix 5300 reviews

Are all blenders created the same? Hell no!!

Now in saying that at times when I have been traveling I have bought a cheap bullet style blender that has done the job for the time that I was traveling. But using something like a Vitamix is like driving a Ferrari compared to driving a corolla from the 80s.

There are a lot of blenders out there are complete junk that will do a poor job at blending and then retire from service in less than six months (not by choice).

So what to look for when getting a new blender? I get asked this a lot. Is it worth spending the money? If ‘m going to spend the money which is the best one to invest in?

First thing is to go for a reputable brand. And go for one with a powerful motor and you want something that’s durable.

One that ticks these boxes is the Vitamix 5300 Blender.

So on to our Vitamix 5300 reviews…

Vitamix 5300 Reviews – What Is The Vitamix 5300 Blender?

If you know anyone that has a Vitamix 5300, you will know exactly how good they are. And quite frankly, they should be really good as they cost a lot! And Vitamix have made so many great improvements over the older Vitamix 5200 model. The Vitamix 5300 now has a more powerful motor, now has a pulse control, and is a much smarter design in terms of size. It now fits under your kitchen cabinets while the old one didn’t. These small changes have been awesome. The first time I used a Vitamix, I was helping to run a health retreat where I was making smoothies each day for a group of 20 of us. And I feel in love.

It made the smoothies taste better somehow and it is also super easy to make soups, and you can blend protein bar ingredients instead of using a food processor so its so versatile. You wont need a separate food processor and blender. This one will do everything!

Features of the Vitamix 5300:

  • Improved and more powerful motor which seems to be quieter – 2.3 HP
  • Blends pretty much anything really well
  • Redesigned and now fits under your kitchen cabinets
  • 64oz / 2L container
  • 7 year warranty included!!
  • Variable speed control – great to achieve a variety of textures
  • You can change the speed of the blender while in use which is pretty handy

What’s Included In The Box?

  • Motor base
  • Low profile 64 ounce container which is designed to fit under counter cabinets
  • Getting started plus
  • Low profile tamper
  • Added bonus – There are free recipes for shakes and even soups for the Vitamix 5300 on their website

Vitamix 5300 Blender Shortfalls

This blender is awesome but it does have a couple of drawbacks in our opinion. They are:

  • Looks! Some may like the look of it but I think that area needs a LOT of work. I love it but I so wish it kinda looked sexier in my kitchen!
  • Cost – This thing is expensive but I have never heard anyone say that it wasn’t worth it

What The Vitamix 5300 Blender Does Really Well

While there are a couple of minor issues that I listed above, there are so many things that the Vitamix 5300 blender does so well. We really think that this is one of the best blenders available out of all the Vitamix models in terms of price to performance. Here is a list of things we love about the Vitamix 5300:

  • 2L / 64 ounce capacity
  • Measurements on the side of the container for easy measuring
  • Very powerful motor – 2.3HP
  • Huge upgrade over the previous Vitamix 5200 model
  • Now comes with a pulse setting
  • Amazing performance, in our opinion is far better than the Nutri Bullet Blender
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 7 year warranty – Yep, you read that right!

Where To Buy Vitamix 5300 Blender

So now that you have finished reading Vitamix 5300 reviews, we can talk about where to buy Vitamix 5300. There are so many places you can buy Vitamix 5300, both online and offline. So we had a really good look around both in stores and online and this is what we found.

We found that is the cheapest place to buy Vitamix 5300.

It is almost $50 less to buy on Amazon as compared to the manufactures website and also far cheaper than most other retailers. And Amazon offers Free Shipping on this product which is awesome!

So there you have it. We hope you found our Vitamix 5300 reviews useful. Until next time.

Vitamix 5300 reviews

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  1. Yeah, the Vitamix rocks. I invested in one a couple of years ago & just love it. It makes healthy eating a lot easier – just thinking of the 2-mins-ice-cream made of frozen fruits. 😀 have you ever tried that?

    1. Hey Birgit, exactly totally makes eating healthier easy! Yes I have made ice cream out of frozen fruit soooo yummy! Banana and mango together is really good, super creamy!

  2. I LOVE my Vitamix! It reduces the work to make healthy smoothies so much.
    Such as: throwing in 1/2 a lemon, with no other chopping. Many people don’t realize that the lemon peel is great for supporting the liver at moving through toxins. My vitamix can not only handle the peel, but it doesn’t need me to do all that chopping, either.
    Ginger & turmeric – I don’t peel that either! Just a quick wash, and throw it in with the skin on.
    Carrots – I crack into big pieces with my hands and throw in. My old blenders needed everything chopped first.
    It also makes soup – if you leave it blending for long enough (and this is an official selling point, not just my own doing), it heats up the veggies and purees them right into soup. I toss in big chunks of zucchini, beans, parsley and Miso, and make Beiler’s broth, another good recipe for the liver and kidneys.

    1. Thats so awesome Ellie! I actually hadn’t thought of adding the whole lemon to it, but your right it chops up everything and is so great for soups! Thanks for the great ideas!

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