What’s Really in Your Protein Bars – Whistler Video Part 2

What's Really in Your Protein Bars

Do you really know whats in your protein bar? Lets start reading the ingredient list from beautiful Whistler Ski Resort, BC!

Fractionated and Modified Palm Kernel Oil

Palm oil is another pretty controversial ingredient. In terms of the palm oil industries environmental impact I have seen first hand the impact the plantations have had through my travels in Malaysia. However there are efforts being made to promote more sustainable producers of palm oil and Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) is more and more commonly being used in products we buy.


So what is palm oil and what is the differences between palm oil, palm kernel oil and fractionated palm kernel oil? Well they are all vegetable oils derived from the oil palm. The differences are palm oil is made from the reddish pulp of the fruit and palm kernel oil is from the kernel, the soft edible part inside the palm fruit.

A group of oil palm fruits on the white background

The process of fractionating refers to heating the oil and then cooling it down again. They do this to create an oil that is solid at room temperatures so it can be used in chocolate bars and many protein bars. It’s a cheap product to add and so is used by many companies.

Although raw dark palm oil that was used widely in African cuisine is considered a healthy oil the fractionated version does not benefit your health. Modified and fractionated palm oil and palm kernel oil contains chemical residues, hexanes, and other hazardous waste products full of free radicals that cause cell damage.

Natural vegetable oils that have been altered create problems for your body at the cellular level. These fats are no longer in their natural state, and your body doesn’t know how to handle them. Your system will try to make use of them and in the process, these fats end up in cell membranes and other locations where they can wreak havoc with your health.

So check your energy bars label for fractionated palm or palm kernel oil or modified palm or palm kernel oil. Choose bars made with whole foods if you want to maximise your performance in your chosen activity or sport. Or make your own!!

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