Why Breakfast is Awesome

Why Breakfast is Awesome

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals!

And although skipping breakfast might have it’s place if you are trying intermittent fasting or on another specialised diet plan. For most of us breakfast kick starts our metabolism and gets us going for the day ahead. It has been shown that generally those of us who do skip breakfast tend to eat more food at the next meal than if you did have breakfast. Skipping lunch too? Often this can lead to binges or eating something sugary as you become hungrier and hungrier throughout the day.
I know this is the case for me. If I happen to skip lunch I ended up wanting to eat more than usual at dinner. But hey we are all busy right & sometimes its not that easy to eat at set times. What I try and do if Im starving before a meal is have a salad first or with the meal. This starts to fill you up so by the tim you are eating your meal you do not feel quite so crazy hungry anymore!
Or take a couple of deep breaths and have a big glass of water before you eat.

So stuck for some awesome breakky ideas? Try some of these:

Chia Pudding

Organic Dry Black and White Chia Seeds against a background

Want to know what I love most about Chia Pudding? Besides the fact that you can make it in sooo many different ways? That it is super easy to make. You make it the night before and then it is ready and waiting for you the next morning!!  Here is a video where I explain how I love to make chia pudding (filmed at Silverstar Mountain Resort) or here is another chia pudding recipe I love. 

Overnight Oats

overnight oats
Overnight Oats is another great option that you can make the night before and have ready for you when you wake up in the morning. This is my husband’s favorite breakfast at the moment. It’s so customisable, you can make all sorts of different flavors by using different fruits or powders like cacao. All you need is some rolled oats, some kind of milk (I like to use almond or coconut milk) and then everything else is customisable. This one here has some banana, dried mango and then some plain greek yogurt on top. Try adding chia seeds, maca powder, some berries or nuts to mix up your recipe. Just leave it in the fridge overnight and in the morning mix all together for a yummy, super easy start to the day!

Quinoa Oatmeal

Quinoa is such a nutritional powerhouse why wouldn’t you want to try this little protein packed grain for breakfast? Check out this link for awesome ways to try quinoa for breakfast!  I love the Apple & Peanut Butter one!! So yummy!!!

Breakfast Smoothie

Thumbs Up
Breakfast smoothies are an awesome way to get all the good stuff your body needs on the go. I have added a couple of smoothie recipes for you to try in this ebook.  Or I also love this breakfast smoothie from Deliciously Ella! 

Scrambled or Baked Eggs

This is such a yummy way to eat eggs in the morning! Check out the recipe here. I also love scrambled eggs with whatever I happen to have in my fridge that day. Think mushrooms, tomato, spring onion, spinach and a little salt and pepper or try this italian scramble from balancing paleo.

Avocado on Toast

avo on toast 2 better
Avocado on toast is super easy and a great idea for breakfast! Try it on my cauliflower bread for a gluten free, paleo friendly version. Check out both recipes here. 

Egg Muffins

egg cup
This recipe comes from my friend and awesome food blogger and holistic health coach Malika Smith over at Everythings Better Sprouted. Check out the recipe for these little paleo breakfast egg & bacon nests and they will totally become a breakfast staple!

So your challenge for today is to try one new breakfast idea. Either out of the suggestions above or something else you have been dying to try using whole foods of course. Bowl of Cheerios definitely doesn’t count!!!

I would love to hear about what you tried so come on over to the facebook group and let us know what you are having for breakfast!! 

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  1. This look absolutely delicious! Thank you for the recipe. i’ll have to try this myself sometime soon!

    The point of the Paleo diet is, and I feel some people forget this, to not only diet, but to eat delicious foods at the same time. It’s the only diet I’ve come across that cuts out food groups, yet still focusses on everyone’s need to eat great food.

    I’m a real foodie, and would not survive on any other diet, but Paleo has been very good for me. I’ve written about one of my favourite cookbooks: http://cookbook-reviews.net/review-the-paleo-recipe-book/

  2. I just tried your overnight oats for the first time today for breakfast, and I must say, they taste great!! It’s a much healthier alternative to so many breakfasts, would recommend that everyone tries this at least once. Thanks Karen!

    1. Awesome Charlotte, glad you like them. They are soooo much healthier than most of the boxed cereals you can buy in supermarkets. Those are often full of sugar!!

  3. Hi Karen, I tried your chia pudding and the avocado on toast for breakfast and they tasted great. Both days I tried them, they kept me going easily until lunch.

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